Tuesday, 10 April 2012

What a difference in temperature.

Monday 26th March to Sunday 8th April 2012

There has been quite a difference in the day time temperatures between here and Stone – Diane is telling me about how cold it is there - and of course I would rather the cold than the high 20’s we have been having here in Melbourne.

The vast majority of the time in this fortnight has been taken up with work – there are so many things that I need to get finalised before I can head back but very pleased to say that these are almost completed – a full re-installation of the program software has taken place and just arranging all of the backup files to be stored; further documentation of the changes in European legislation have been copied and some instruction on these has been completed; finishing off some new procedures to be implemented; and a general in-person nagging of people on matters that only seem to be taken care of by that personal approach.

In between all of this there was time for a pleasant Saturday watching Mitch in the first of the practice games in readiness for the new football season – they were well and truly beaten on the scoreboard by a team about 6 divisions above them but they played fairly well considering everything. I managed to get a bit of goal umpiring in as well.

I have been able to visit Elly and Mick (nb Narrowboat Dreaming) and spend an enjoyable day in their company – they are ready to head off once they find a buyer for their house; the new house looks very good and just a few things to be done before it is all ready. We are both waiting and wishing for them to be cruising the canals and enjoying the lifestyle.

Elly and Mick - waiting mode
Easter has arrived and it would not be the same without the Sunday morning hunting for eggs – I am not talking about little kids here but two big ones – 26 and 22 – they enjoyed it just as much as I did hiding the eggs – after all were found it was off down to Puckle Street for a pleasant Sunday morning brunch and some more laughs at all manner of things.

they just go a bit silly during the hunt

Eggs - show me the eggs

Hunting completed - until next year
In amongst all of this is the fact that we cannot all be together this year and I am really missing Diane and Banjo and whilst not wanting time to go too fast, I so dearly want to be with both of them as well.

This week it is a bit of a chance for some rest as I take some leave and off to Bundaberg to visit the in-laws – Dorothy and Terry – and then to Sydney to see Vivienne (her birthday is on the 9th and she will be ?? years old ).