Saturday, 25 October 2014

Melbourne O Melbourne

Thursday 11th September to Friday 25th October 2014

We have quickly fallen back into the routine of life on land again - without missing a beat; but to be fair the abundance of cafes and coffee shops as well as restaurants just minutes from the front door and public transport on our doorstep has made for the easy transition.
These guys were in the tree next door

And just a short tram or train ride away we have any number of the same from the centre of Melbourne to Lygon Street and other areas as well - it really reinforces all of the things that we love about Melbourne

It remains a lifestyle that we will come back to one day, but we miss the boat and the freedom that it provides.

There have been a number of decisions made about what we will be doing with the house after Mitch and Sara head off to the US and we really have done a complete turnaround - well really Sam has done the about turn.
A reminder of where they are from

She has now decided that she will stay in the house and has a house-mate in mind who will share the bills, so most of the horrible job that we thought that we have had to do i.e. pack up the whole house, will no longer have to happen.
there's my girl

and she made the dress

at work - now where's my coffee

The weather has also picked up and the BBQ has been cleaned up and "re-gassed" and getting plenty of use.

The process of changing billing names over; stopping other things as Sam decides what she will and won't continue with is going smoothly.

We have a list of critical issues now that we must get done, but they are gradually being crossed off.

There seems to be a sudden increase in catching up with more people and a number of invitations out for meals or coffee or snacks.
This hasn't interfered with our plan to shed a few more kgs, which is continuing quite well - our doctor is most pleased and Diane is reducing the quantum of medication that she requires - a definite healthier outcome.

A visit to see Brenda down at Warrnambool for the weekend and lunch with Heather, Rob and Anne made for a very lovely time.
on the coast at Warrnambool...

.... and catching up with Brenda

Diane has had a couple of nights out with old work colleagues - chatting about old times; what's been happening to everyone; and talking about life on the boat.

The latest things that we have crossed off the list include disposing of the car - no more expense on that - registration and insurance costs now gone - we very much doubt that we will own a car again; set in place the ending of the Foxtel subscription and our internet package - the things we kept just for the kids - now about to go.

aahhh - the chickens feet at Yum Cha

very tasty
at least Sara tried them

We are off to Queensland for just over a week to see Diane's parents and her sister.

We will head off from weather in the high 20's to more of the same.