Sunday, 12 September 2010

All things back to normal - but now moving much slower

Monday 6th September to Sunday 12th September

24 Miles, 46 Locks, 2 Tunnels – for this week

Totals: 210 Miles 283 Locks, 7Tunnels, 6 Swing Bridges

This has been a week of direct contrast to the previous two weeks – back online and able to work has relieved my state of mind – it is very apt to say that I was very concerned about the computer – but all is well again.

I spent an additional two days in the centre of Birmingham – I have thoroughly enjoyed the centre of the city as a place to spend an extended stay; I was also pleased not to see any BW people of wardens suggesting that I move or pay the 5 pounds a night – better in my pocket than elsewhere.

Farmers Hill Locks
Looking down into Gas Street basin
There is no way to extricate yourself from Birmingham without plenty of locks involved and the Farmers Hill flight starts immediately and then followed the Ashton flight – a total of 24 in all and I was happy to have some help going down; what I wasn’t happy about was the three forced stops to clear the propeller of rubbish.

I will however say that it appeared more to do with the amount of rain that we had during my stay and hence the run-off from streets and elsewhere going straight into the canals than necessarily the direct contribution from passers-by.

I (we) will be visiting the city centre again and we will encourage others to go there – it is a wonderful city with such a full variety of people and experiences.

It was however also good to be back out into the country again as the contrast is so wide. Not to mention some of those country smells that Diane would not really (and does not) appreciate.
Farm fields near Curdworth
Travelling this week was not so hectic as it had previously been and for the remainder of this month and also next it will continue to be the same.

Bridge 54 at Polesworth
View from the window
Friday was a funny sort of day – it threatened to bucket down but didn’t; threatened to get very cold but didn’t. It was pump-out day and diesel fill day as well and I can highly recommend Fazeley Mill Marina – 66 p/l and self-declare made it much better – the tricky bit was getting in there and winding – like a “long-time” boater I need a bit more practice, but I got there.

Moored up at Polesworth that evening and stayed for Saturday – this is a lovely village – two pubs; good butcher and a Spar as well. Next time through there I want to spend a bit more time to see through it in detail.

Moved further down the Coventry and have moored up at Atherstone and had a very nice Sunday roast at the Kings Head – near Lock 5.

I think I will stay one more day here as the signals for both TV and internet are very good.

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