Monday, 18 October 2010

Nothing exciting doesn't equate to Boring.

Monday 11th October to Sunday 17th October

17 Miles, 14 Locks – for this week

Totals: 316 Miles, 320 Locks, 9 Tunnels, 9 Swing Bridges

Rugeley, would by many not be seen as the most likely of places to spend a couple of days, but it is a nice place without being especially brilliant, but it is a very friendly place I found,

Rugeley Power Station - in it's majesty

Most would only know it by the acknowledgement of the domination of the area by the power plant, but in many ways there is a bit of a European feel to the landscape when viewed the right way.

Not sure of the good use of time here - blowing leaves away in October?

St. Augustines - Rugeley

The town centre is functional without being elegant. But what appeals now that I have spent a couple of days there is that it is just nice; just quiet; just friendly.

Rugeley town centre

This has been a week of nothing special – nothing defines this week as has done with other weeks – perhaps eventually reaching Stone does say a little about it. Stone was from where we hired a boat in 2008 for 6 weeks and which determined our life to be; so in some ways it was a bit of a homecoming; I spent 3 days here as I knew it well enough to know that most of the things that I would need were here.

View from Aston Lock - back down the canal

I met a guy on the towpath and we started chatting – as you do – and he was telling me about a small business that he has started up called “Food Afloat” – he has 5 boats that cruise around as mobile supermarkets – I am going to get some more details about this; but if you see them, give them a try – helping small businesses helps them to survive.

Saturday was a extremely lovely day after the previous two non-descript days; it was very bright and sunny in the morning and very early afternoon before clouding over.

Mist rising; filtered sunlight; pleasant setting - all seems right with the world

Sunday showed what was to come – with some ice on the roof and front and back covers – very cold; but then a bright clear morning (probably why there was ice). Cruising along with the chill of the air, the freshness of a clear day and the warming sun on my back – this felt good – reminds me of the Mel Brooks line – “It’s good to be the King” and it was a morning to feel like a king.

Mooring up at Barlaston before lunch meant that I could once again visit The Plume of Feathers public house at Bridge 103 for their delicious Sunday roast – did not disappoint – virtually a serve yourself affair. We have been here before and it serves food to its usual standard – very nice.

Sad end to this boat

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