Sunday, 17 July 2011

Holy Merde Batman

Monday 11th July to Sunday 17th July 2011

8 Miles, 5 Locks – for this week

Totals: 642 Miles, 591 Locks, 19 Tunnels, 18 Lift Bridges, 11 Swing Bridges

I would not have really thought it possible but I have travelled even less this week than last and it is entirely work related – well almost – I have still done a lot of work, spending a lot of hours getting the project finished a week ahead of schedule; but I have also been quite satisfied with spending extra days in places where, well to be frank about it, the TV reception was very good – Vive le Tour!

I even managed to get an oil change done in that time.

Moving on from Atherstone last week I made it to the top of the flight with the help of quite a few people, although I was a bit nonplussed by one guy – who was helping me with his wife and when I got off the boat to help with the gate was a bit upset that I spoke with an “old” lady and her grand-daughter whom I had met about 20 minutes earlier down the flight – this guy had a go at me for not helping him – not much I could do – the lock was still filling (they are slow to fill on the flight) – he did later apologise putting it down to being a bit cranky, but it just took me bit by surprise.

Moored up just after bridge 33 with lovely views over the valley (if you are on the roof and can see over the hedgerow), but it was a very pleasant spot to stop – so I did.

Finally I needed to move for water and decided that I would just go a few miles down to Nuneaton.

Like many other places, Nuneaton doesn’t project itself as a spot to stop, but it is a very pleasant place with good shopping and markets on Wednesdays and Saturdays – quite big markets in fact – but woe and alas – not a very good picture on the tele.

So I had to move and just a mile down the way – I had so many services on the TV that it took me 10 minutes just to scroll through them and that is only the normal digital ones – no satellite.

Only problem though is it about a 2 mile walk into town – most along the towpath and I continue to be utterly amazed at the amount of people who walk their dogs and leave the excrement on the towpath – now I know that there are a great many people who always do the right thing but believe me it was very much a case of watching closely where to walk – much more difficult to find a place to step than not to step.

Stone the crows Batman - it was disgusting.

It is either Hinkley or Curdworth where I have seen stencilled on the footpaths a ₤1000 fine for people not picking up after their dogs – the enforcement officers might not catch everyone, but it would make you think about it before leaving it.

Where to next – no idea – I will think about it tomorrow (or maybe the day after)

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  1. No news on pubs and cafes but Im sure you havent starved ha ha ha. Well done getting all that work done. Hopefully you will get to read this as Ive been unsuccessful sending my witty comments the last few weeks!!!Love Vivienne