Sunday, 18 September 2011

She has cometh

Monday 12th September to Sunday 18th September 2011

24 Miles, 24 Locks, 2 Swing Bridges – for this week

Totals: 778 Miles, 640 Locks, 24 Tunnels, 18 Lift Bridges, 14 Swing Bridges

The last part of my journey to reach the point from whence I would pick up Diane was reached on Tuesday. Thought that it was Fenny Stratford, but I miscalculated the roads after that so I needed to travel just a bit further down to Bridge 98 – on Tuesday – and precisely 15 seconds after I left the heavens opened up – all of this at the Fenny Stratford lock with its quirky swing bridge in the middle of the lock – usually a nice exercise to enjoy, but in a downpour it was not the first thing on my list of wants for that day.

Still, that behind and moored up – all was well with the world.

After that all went like clockwork and reached Birmingham airport at 12:20pm and at about 12:40 Diane appeared from the arrival hall – she had returned.

Of course she had returned, but I have to say that the fitness level indicated that just a wee bit too much of the “off-season” jaunt back to Australia had not left anything in the fitness tank.

I wasn’t going to let her wallow over her jet-lag – we moved from Thursday – and have made it as far as Berkhamstead for the Sunday roast at The Crown; then movement up to The George to see the end of Tottenham demolish Liverpool 4-0 and then Man United beat Chelsea 3-1.

Saturday had also been a day of watching the football and we caught the end of the 4-3 Blackburn win over Arsenal and the 3-0 QPR win over wolves – this time in Tring – just a short 1.5 mile stroll from the canal.

It will be a fairly well travelled couple this week as we head further south and with me being on annual leave from work, it will be even more enjoyable.

The weather certainly is starting to turn cooler/colder the days progress toward the end of September, but we are looking forward to enjoying this time and the time to come as we can finally embark on the journey that we have planned for so long.

Life is Good !


  1. Enjoy the break, one of the things I am looking forward to is watching the football in the same time zone, have a good one.

  2. Bit confused: is she Toni or Diane?
    Bit annoyed: wheres my photo of Banjo?
    Bit cheeky: add a photo of her,(T or D),to let us cheer on her future body loss
    Bit informer: we have a beautiful Spring here
    Bit nice, no very nice, ENJOY every day
    Love Vivienne
    PS Wish there was a bit less of me too