Wednesday, 7 December 2011

To the Land where you can’t buy a vowel

Monday 14th November to Wednesday 7th December 2011

No travel for these three weeks if you discount the two movements for pump out and for fuel – which seemed a bit like cruising for half a day as we exited from the marina and up the canal to the entrance and back onto the mooring.

Reversing is definitely an art that we have yet to master as on both occasions we (read that as I) made a complete hash of it – the second time it took 5 attempts to get the boat back in properly – at least I didn’t hit any other boats.

Life in the marina is certainly very different to being out on the canal proper and there are vastly different priorities – with power and water on tap there is no need to really have to watch after these things, so life becomes more about the things to do on the boat and the things that are going on around the marina and the town.

Diane has continued with the job of double-glazing the windows – she is a marvel with a doggedness sadly lacking in her other half – there are just two windows left to be done and it is merely waiting for that to come in after being ordered.

She has even taken them out again and improved on the sealing of each. Whilst there is now some condensation on the boat-inside of each window – there is none between the glazing and vastly less than appears on the two remaining windows – and it is much colder than we have had earlier in this task.

On the evening of the 21st we ventured down to The Swan Inn in Stone along with Mike and Stella, (nb Isobel) for an evening of Karaoke – it was Mike who had entered a competition who took the microphone for that part, although Stella was up as well during the non-competition part of the evening – the beer was flowing quite well and we all needed the taxi to get back to the boats.

Diane has finally resolved the doctor problem – now registered and seen a doctor here in Stone – all is going well.

We have also managed to purchase some tractor seats from Old 20 Tractor Sales in Derby. Now we just need to get someone to put them on the back.

Work started on putting on the pram-hood cover that we ordered about 6 weeks ago back in Atherstone – the frame is up – well it was before it was put down again, but it is still fixed onto the boat – the cover is due to come soon.

About 6 weeks ago the Daily Mirror had a promotion running which meant that you could have a night away for £10 with a token – we collected 3 and have had three nights away in SouthWales – a return to the land of the missus.

Ross-on-Wye - I think they sell just about everything - but what about a kitchen sink?

I understand the desire for the Welsh to retain their own language and admire them for that, but by golly it is difficult at the best of times, but when they start abbreviating the place names and some of them do not appear any different in English or Welsh; the markings on the road start wearing away and suddenly you have no idea where you are heading – for Cardiff (or Caerdydd) they abbreviated it to C’Dydd – huh!!! – where am I again.

You have to hand it to the Welsh - they are all about protecting the wild life
My mother-in-law will be in good hands
We visited Ponty markets for her faggots and peas – so much has changed since our first visit together almost 20 years ago; a visit to her grandparents grave and to where she was born – she couldn’t exactly remember the house, but it was narrowed down to two (or three).

We caught the last 20 minutes of the Wales v Australia game – the send off for Shane Williams – he scored a try in the 81st minute – a great way to send off a great player – what is important though is that the Wallabys won.

Sunday was trip into Cardyff, Caerdiff, Cardeydd, Cardiff (that’s the one) and a walk around the city following one of the tourist trails that visitor information invariably set up was as usual informative and showed us a bit more of the city.
It's about time for a new Time Lord (or is that Time Lady)

A visit to Ross-on-Wye on the way there and to Gloucester (and the docks) on the way back completed the trip.

part of Gloucester docks - plenty of craft of all shapes and sizes
We wanted to be back for around 4:30 to pick up Banjo from the kennels – we were trialling them for our US trip in February – and found them to be very good, so another problem solved

It's a mighty big lock down Gloucester way - this leads onto the River Severn
Now back on the boat and the cold weather has started to hit and very happily the boat is quite warm inside during the day even without the heating on – so that is good.

We are expecting it to get even colder and I guess it will not be too long before the snow starts.

Xmas decorations and tree all up and carols on Classic FM – all feels very seasonal.


  1. Photos!! Can't wait to see some snow photos and what about one of the Christmas decorations in nb Ferndale?
    Cheers to you both (or all 3)
    Elly & Mick

  2. Hiya! I just saw that the Rss of this site is working correctly, did you somehow all the properties on your own or you just turned to the initial settings of this widget?

  3. Not sure that i did anything to activate it - at least nothing that i have done with any thought about it - ray