Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Quiet Week - before the Storm

Wednesday 11th January to Sunday 22nd January 2012

No travelling this week

It has been back to marina life for us, but it could not be described as boring or dull. There seems to be something to do all of the time. This week we have concentrated on removing a few of the damp spots that appear when the moisture levels are high. Diane read in the January edition of Canal Boat, that putting up some carpet onto those areas where the moisture appears should have the effect of insulating and the moisture will not appear.

So into a couple of cupboards, attached to the inner side of the boat’s outer walls have been carpeted (wall and cupboard ceiling) – both successful; so then it was onto the lounge where one side was damp and the other not – of course we knew why one was not – it had the central heating pipes behind it.

Nevertheless we have carpeted halfway up the wall on the other side and problem gone.

In addition, the windows continue to be remarkably dry – both inside and out – a bonus and another success for Diane – I may have to keep her on for a bit longer.

The outer side of the boat has been attended to as well with some elbow grease and polishing – looks much better as well - she really is quite a marvel.

Celebrations abounded for a 40th birthday for Stella, as friends and family descended from down south (or should that be “ascended from down”) and we went along to help – for both lunch and dinner – afraid that we couldn’t keep up the pace when mention of the pub was made after dinner – it was just a wee bit too late for both of us.

We have had a trip into Stafford by bus (first time) – now we know where it leaves from and how to get back – more trips are already being planned – we both need to go because the nature of things is such that one gets to spend and the other gets to carry (I know my place).

The weather has been very up and down during the last 10 days – we have a mixture of sun, rain, wind but alas the temperatures are (as they say on the reports) – mild – so no snow yet again. Latest reports were that this was, so far, one of the mildest winters on record.

We have now finalised the last of the bookings for our upcoming US trip. We were going to fly between Orlando and Washington, but have now decided to go by overnight train and have found a very nice B&B in Washington.

Stafford park - still with the heavy frost - even in the afternoon
Whilst we were in Stafford we managed to book our train travel to Gatwick and the return from Heathrow – the advanced purchase has saved about ₤60, so another win with that.

This week ahead is looking rather busy with a number of things coming up – I suspect that by the end of it we will be exhausted again – will have to wait and see.

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