Monday, 12 March 2012

Summertime - well a preview at least

Monday 5th March to Sunday 11th March 2012
3 Miles, 5 Locks  – for this week

Totals:  1032 Miles,  854 Locks, 28 Tunnels, 18 Lift Bridges, 20 Swing Bridges

We braved the windy conditions to move the boat down three locks to moor just near The Star Inn – a lot closer to town for she-who-must-be-obeyed and her shopping; I was only too happy to leave her to it whilst I got stuck into some work.

We ventured out at lunch time to La Dolce Vita – someone had recommended it to us - can’t remember whom, but it was an excellent choice. A most wonderful lunch and at a reasonable price. My hand is up to go again (soon)

Tuesday was forecast to be a mild day; sunny and pleasant; it turned out to be quite foggy early on in the morning – boats were moving – 2 or 3 had gone through by 9am.

One boat on the move was NB Klara (Bev and Roland) from Aston Marina who were moving up to Canal Cruising Co. to have the bottom blackened before they head off cruising.

Cheerful waving and a bit of backdeck teasing was the order of the morning.

We waited a little bit longer and eventually moved off after 11am for the short trip back to the marina; a fill of the diesel tank (131 litres – most we have had to fill in one go, but it was over a month since the last fill); reversed into the mooring with a bit of pulling to straighten her up, but very quickly the back canopy was up, the electricity reconnected and the water tank being filled again and a load of washing on. We were home again.

We haven’t done an awful lot for the remainder of the week – Wednesday we welcomed Stella and Mike back from their Spanish break; we have finally sorted out a date for Jon to put the seats in – obviously very disappointed that they haven’t been put in earlier.

We have had a couple of meals out in Stone again.

 Generally been a very quiet week with a bit of cleaning of the boat inside and out and sorting out things in preparation for cruising, but we are still a good 8 weeks away yet from that.

Have to say though, Sunday was a glorious day – sunshine with a coolish wind and we tried to enjoy it as much as possible – we were still sitting outside on the café deck after 6pm enjoying a drink, when we finally had to call an end to the day – a preview of summer to come, or at least for some very enjoyable days ahead.

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