Thursday, 3 May 2012

Home is never far away

Monday 9th April to Monday 30th April 2012

To the great relief of Diane I have made it back to the UK, touching down on Monday 30th and being greeted at Birmingham airport by a very happy “she who must be obeyed”.

It was a total of 6 weeks away and it has been a lovely time to catch up with everyone back in Australia.

Following on from Easter I was off to Bundaberg to see Mum and Dad (Diane’s parents) and I was very pleased to be able to report that they were both very much more active than I had seen them for quite a while – both walking well without any problems and in general very much more healthy.
What's an agricultural show without cows and bulls - oops not these three

They were eager to have a good time and to see a few friends as well and we were on the move on most days – down to the club for a show and friends and coffee as well as out to the Agricultural show and then down to the foreshore and the beach.

Looking forward to the next visit already – whenever that may be.
Mum and Dad - both fit and very well
We spent a very good 4 days together before it was time to leave and head to Sydney to see the favourite sister-in-law Vivienne – a quick pickup from the airport and we were then heading into Sydney proper for a delicious Yum Cha luncheon – Vivienne’s favourite.

As with the rest of the time I had been back there were precious few times to sit and relax – caught up with Doreen (aunt), Kyle and Leigh (a new grandfather).
Leigh - the new grandfather

Both Viv and I spent a happy/sad 3 and ½ hours visiting our friend Phil in hospital – he has been diagnosed with cancer and is showing the signs of this horrendous disease – I say a happy/sad time as he did not shy away from what was happening and we discussed a lot about how he was facing all of this and then almost straight after we were laughing out loud with some very amusing stories and jokes – it was a time that made you realise the precious time that we have available and that we should make the most of it whilst we have a chance.

A customer visit on the Monday and then the flight back to Melbourne (Sam was there to pick me up – she is a good girl) and another week at work – 3 days off was the extent of the time away from work.

The football season was back on again – AFL – Australian Rules – and for Mitch the first game of the season. A rather warmish day; Brenda was down from Mortlake and we enjoyed a good day, a good game and a good win – by 73 points.

More work the following week which was a broken week – Anzac Day (25th) breaking the week neatly in half – this is the most respected of days in the Australian calendar; when we remember the lives and sacrifice of generations of Australians during war – a day that the spirit of Australia is celebrated to its full.

Mitch celebrated his birthday on the Friday – a very old 23 years of age – time is flying by for him –he responded by celebrating over 4 days with different friends and managed to fit another game of football into all of that.

Sam and I were able to take him off to lunch on Sunday before I finally flew out and back to the boss and the boat. She thought that she was fooling me that I had to make my own way back, but she just cannot hide what she is doing.

More good news that came through was that Elly and Mick have finally agreed to a price for their house, so it will just be a matter of a few months for the completion of the sale and they will finally be able to realise their dream and join the rest of us cruising the canals. Looking forward to you guys getting here.

They were the weeks that were and we can now ready ourselves for just a little bit of cruising, but there is a few days of adventure for next weekend to get through before we leave the moorings behind.

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