Friday, 11 July 2014

Not A Snake...

Thursday 10th July to Friday 11th July 2014

Once again our time was up - we had stayed our 48 hours and therefore we move on, but not before we pulled in at the services to water-up, use the elsan and remove the rubbish.
we haven't seen this boat for about 3years - when it was owned
by Lynn and Paul - the new owner is very happy with it - it is a
good boat.

Our plan for the day was simply to get through the Adderley Locks and moor up, which was easily accomplished within a couple of hours.
moored at the bottom of the Adderley flight

These locks are really very easy to manage and a delight to go through - both from the ease and the setting.

After lazing about watching le Tour we emerged into the still bright sunshine and headed out for a walk to see what treasures the village of Adderley help in store for us - we returned after a 4 km walk realising that there was nothing to draw us back there - no store, no pub and no post office. Not even a bus stop - well the bus stop was there but we doubted that a bus actually stopped there - inside the bus stop were all of the phone numbers for the local taxis and no timetable.
part of the walk was a bridleway - through a field of cows
According to Diane they were big scary ones!

These two were just flying around - seeming to be playing
at the same time.

Who is Norton?

Diane wanted a photo with this bridge in it as well...

Whilst we were out walking we came back via the towpath and at the last lock we came across a couple of Australians from Melbourne - Rachel and Cal on nb Serafina - they spend 6 months here and 6 months back home.

By now the evenings of settling down to see at least one game of football have disappeared, so the TV gets switched off a lot sooner than even just a week ago; in addition, Wimbledon has finished - not sure that the Commonwealth Games will be an adequate replacement.

It has been most disappointing to have continued internet problems - certainly along this part of the Shroppie it has been remarkable in its lack of coverage.

Once again the weather has turned on a magnificent display - bright sunshine and blue skies -perfect cruising weather.

For Friday it was the cruise down the locks into Audlem - a place that we barely acknowledged on our first boat trip through here; we have visited by car but not spent much time here.

Once again the locks were easy to work - I nearly jumped over the lock when I suddenly spotted an long slithery thing in the grass - Australians think snake first - but fortunately it was only a dead eel - the heart beat returned to normal - I wonder if that would count as canal-kill (not that I am claiming any credit).

stepping across - really quite easy to do

near the top of the Audlem flight

The moorings after Lock 11 were beckoning for us to stop and moor up - and we obliged.
Finally, good signals all round; Diane had finished the washing and the line went up; we locked up and went for a better look around Audlem.

I think when we were looking at Overwater marina as a possible winter mooring, we did think at the time that somehow Audlem seemed too small to hold us for that length of time and thus we chose Stone.
In hindsight, we made the right choice.

So back for le Tour and then a return to The Shroppie Fly for the Friday early evening drinks and that has been that!
outside the Shroppie Fly - just enjoying a drink by the canal

6 Miles, 16 Locks

Totals: 2644 Miles, 2023 Locks, 91 Tunnels, 32 Lift Bridges, 151 Swing Bridges

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