Friday, 10 July 2015

Stage 6 - Shepperton to Runnymede

Tuesday 7th July to Wednesday 8th July 2015

Not for any other reason than we were keen to catch up with Sue and Andy (nb FestinaLente), we were off at 9:30am.
There may also have been the little matter of a possible mooring payment.
The moorings both here at Hampton Court and alsoaround at Kingston are operated through Hampton Court and on Sunday morning (after our 2nd night) the ranger came around to check on moorers and when they were going.
I was busy with my head down the weed hatch when he spoke from his 4x4 - I acknowledged that we would be there for another night and he said that would mean a payment for the one night; I offered there and then, but he said I was busy doing what I needed to do and he would be back later and would catch me then.

No problems, I thought, I'd pay him then.

The moorings provide the first night free and after that it is ₤5 per night for the next 2 nights.

We were in for the rest of the day; the ranger didn't return; we headed off on Monday for HCP moorings; so come Monday morning after our free night on the new moorings we wanted to start cruising earlyish.

So, in effect, we have had 4 nights for free - our attitude is that we do not mind paying for mooring spots if that is the condition of where we moor, but we are not going to be chasing someone to pay the fees -  we feel that it is their responsibility, having imposed the fee, to then chase it up.
Just like a little village on the water

Always a sad time to see a boat with too much water on the inside

Diane thought that this was the water palace of a celebrity but just didn't know who it was

A couple of hours cruising, including 3 locks and we had made it to Shepperton; de-elsanned at Molesey Lock; but didn't see a water tap that we could use.

Anyway Sue found us as we were going through Shepperton Lock and they had a mooring for us almost right behind and right outside theThames Court pub.

The kettle was fired up; tea all round; chatting away and catching up; plans confirmed for dinner in the pub with Sue and Andy's friends Chris and Glyn.

In the afternoon, whilst I was getting more work done, Diane and Sue walked into Shepperton to window shop - Diane is keeping her own promise and not buying any clothes this year - although she will soon need to sort out her outfit for an up coming wedding.

We met up with Glyn and Chris and the food was very good - I remember our first trip to the UK together - way back in 1992 - and very pleased to say that the presentation, quality and value for money of the meals everywhere has just gone through the roof.
The only down-side was the guitarist/singer for the night - way too loud for the premises - people generally go to dinner at a pub to have good food and conversation - well the latter was out as we just found it too difficult to hear each other.
A bit dark but from left - Andy, Diane, Sue, Chris and Glyn

Diane, Sue and Chris

Not saying that the music wasn't good, just would have been better starting about 9pm when you are able to just sit and have a drink; and just make it a bit quieter.

Again we were on 24 hr moorings and so we needed to continue moving. We headed off not too early and moored up at Runnymede - our intention obviously to take in the historic location.
Cruising along - one minute there they both are, then....

...Andy had disappeared and left Sue all alone

Not a lot got done after we moored up, but Diane and I eventually decided that we should go out and do a bit of exploring of the general area, so we walked a bit and found Egham and wandered around - it being after 6pm, most of the shops were closed, but the evening was still quite nice - on the warmish side.
Diane was keen to show off her new Crocs courtesy of

Maybe a new car as well as the Dutch Barge if we win the lottery
We wandered back to the boat along a public footpath which took us through the fields.

11 Miles, 6 Locks
YTD: 534 Miles, 316 Locks, 12 Tunnels, 2 Lift Bridges, 13 Swing Bridges

Totals: 3428 Miles, 2437Locks, 110 Tunnels, 36 Lift Bridges, 164 Swing Bridges


  1. The floating palace is the Astoria, the floating recording studio owned by David Gilmour of Pink Floyd. Various Floyd Albums have been recorded there in the GIlmour Era.

  2. The celebrity that boat belongs to is David Gilmore of Pink Floyd.


  3. The celebrity houseboat belongs to Dave Gilmour of Pink Floud. It's his recording studio.

  4. Should have said, it's called Astoria.