Sunday, 15 May 2016

Well I never saw that coming!

Wednesday 11th May to Thursday 12th May 2016

In case there was anyone who didn’t know it, Diane celebrated her birthday whilst we were here in LA and perhaps the biggest surprise of all was that she would be celebrating it at Disneyland.
I guess there would have been people isolated in the world who hadn’t read it on Facebook or hadn’t spoken to her somewhere sometime – but not too many I think.

She is a bit of a big kid when it comes to birthdays and theme parks – something that either rubbed off on our daughter Sam or she picked up from Sam.
Mitch and Sara are not too far behind.
How happy is Diane? - complete with her birthday badge as well.
What better way for Diane to have a great day than to visit where it all began and to do so with both Mitch and Sara who took some time off work to be there.
Let the silliness begin - Diane and Sara just beginning their day

My new hairstylist, Sara, left her calling card

The weather was absolutely fantastic and we all had a great day out.
The tea-cups - Diane targeted this ride early; elbowing the 5 year-olds out'of the way

Sara with Diane in the background
Waiting in line for yet another ride

As can happen with anything the scale of this operation, there were a few rides which were out of service for maintenance and then a couple more experienced some problems as well.
Toon-Town - not just for the kids

Mitch at the wheel of his dream (cartoon) car

Never far away from her mind - the washing

Some mouse muscled in on this photo - I think he is a big-shot around the place

The ears have it!

Hard to escape the fact that it was Diane's birthday, and
a nice little surprise from the waiter at dinner
The almost finale - the big parade

On the following day, Diane and I returned to see the California Adventure park – another Disney operation which is right next door to Disneyland.

Once again it was a great day weather-wise and also a great day at the park.
Day 2 - first ride of the day - the roller coaster California Screamin

'waiting for the tractor ride
at the Star Wars exhibits - the Rey Speeder

I am sure that Diane would have taken him home, given half a chance

For Diane, the best thing of all was that everyone wished her a Happy Birthday (something to do with her badge which proclaimed it to all); she had two great days there and I hardly even noticed that she had turned a year older.

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