Friday, 19 August 2016

We have lost a friend

Elaine McBride

Our very dear and much loved friend has left us – if only in body – she will remain part of us forever.
It is impossible for anyone who knew and loved Elaine not to have been enhanced with her sense of humour and her love of all things.

Most of all it was her love of Paul and her two dogs Bombo and Sammie.

This was not something that was unexpected, but that does not make it any less sad.

Elaine was someone who cared more for everyone else than for herself.
She was always so positive about everything; saw the best in others – in any situation.
Oh, she will be missed so much by all of us; today will be a day for tears; for a rememberance of her and her style.
We will do it all again all too soon, but for now we just want her back, but that is not to be – instead we have the memories of such a lovely person – someone whom you meet all too rarely.

We love you Elaine.

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