Monday, 12 September 2016

A Final Farewell

Wednesday 7th September to Thursday 8th September 2016

I think we all knew that this would not be an easy time for any of us; our dear friend Elaine would have her final farewell and there could be no valid reason that we could find not to be there.

In reading through the tributes that others have made to her memory, we both find ourselves trying to understand how we will never be able to see her again and never be able to hear that giggle that she came out with; to hear her kind words about all things.

As was expected, there were many many people of similar mind to us and who traveled up to Macclesfield to be with Paul, to provide comfort where we could, to say something that might help with his loss – a loss for us all.

Paul’s own words, suitably vetted by Elaine before she passed away, gave us more insight into this lovely woman; even some funny anecdotes, which helped everyone relax.

Readings by her two nieces, Josie and Leyna, meant so much to all in attendance.

The get together afterwards was well attended, and lovely to see so many boaters –people who had met and loved both Elaine and Paul, friends from the water.

Elaine is now part of all of us and in no small way, we find ourselves saying almost everyday “What would Elaine think of that?”

We thank our good fortune that we have been so lucky in this life to have known and loved someone as beautiful as Elaine.

Thank you for being who you are, who you were Elaine, and thank you for letting us into your life.


  1. Thinking of you all as you deal with your loss. From everything we read, Elaine was clearly a special person, and aren't we lucky to have such people come into our lives?
    Marilyn and David

    1. Marilyn,

      it was so difficult to find the words to describe how wonderful Elaine was in life and now that none of us have her around any longer - and the effect that she had on so many of us; she was/is such a truly lovely and wonderful person