Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Just moving right along

Tuesday 4th October to Friday 7th October 2016

Mooring at Teddington means being fairly close to the wier there and consequently a degree of background noise – we were exhausted again on Monday night and did not hear a thing as we hopped into bed – awaking reasonably refreshed on Tuesday morning.

A bit more work completed and then time to cruise away; another lovely sunny day again – are we still in England – we keep hearing of bad weather further north, but for us it has been quite lovely indeed – we know that it is a bit cooler, but it is sunny!!

We needed to have a reasonably quick stop at Kingston – Diane wanted to get a few things that she hadn’t found and I needed to visit the HSBC branch there – whilst we were cruising to Limehouse on Sunday, I was walking the towpath and came across a debit-card lying there. I called the bank on Sunday evening to advise them, they cancelled the card and I needed to just drop it into the nearest branch – hence a stop at Kingston.

A bonus was that on our way back to the boat we found a quite large asian supermarket which we hadn’t been looking for but we picked up a few more ingredients that Diane wanted to use in the Japanese pancakes that she has been making – they taste better than the ones in Paddington Basin and just as good as the best we have been used to.

After an hour stop we pushed off and as we neared Hampton Court Palace a cruiser coming towards us but a distance away, was winding and then mooring up on the moorings there – imagine our surprise to find when we got closer that the cruiser was the ONLY boat moored there – we had never seen it like that before – pity that we didn’t want to stop there.
...still known as the "Selfie-Queen"
Our planned destination was around Shepperton. It was only about an hour and a half away and with the day as pleasant as it was we enjoyed the time outside on the water and the wind sweeping through our hair.
Up through Shepperton lock and around the island we moored up at “Chersey Meads” right behind Still Rockin’ – well fancy that, it was almost as though we knew they were right there – wait a minute, we did – Diane had seen on the blog and had texted to Carol that we were on our way.
A cuppa on board with both George and Carol and another couple (Colin and Rikki) who were building a wide-beam – so a chat about various things on boats for cruising the Thams and canals – Colin and Rikki were more attuned to sea-going craft.

Later on, George did the honours with the BBQ, and a great job he did too! We enjoyed a lovely evening with two very lovely friends and honoured we are to be able to say that.
A Master Chef lesson for me from George (the master)

for everyone to see - Diane with salad - it certainly amused Carol

We needed to move along the next day, so at 9am we waved farewell to both and we were off again – not so much as a tight schedule but one that we wanted to keep moving now rather than having to stress later if we got tight with time.
The start of a lovely sunny day
Approaching Staines, we spotted a familiar vessel – No Problem XL – we pulled alongside, Vic appeared but there was no Sue – she was off visiting to Les and Jackie (nb Valerie) – our best wishes go to both at this time.
Anyway we chatted with Vic or a little while – he still delights in stirring up Diane and it works every time – he was looking decidedly well and enjoying the bit of sunshine that we happened to be having at the time.
We needed to be off and said our farewells to Vic and left him to enjoy his day.

The wind was picking up and after transiting through Bell Wier Lock (with the grumpy lockie) we moored up about a half mile further along.
Diane had done the washing whilst we cruised and thought the lovely little breeze (read that at blowing a gale) would dry it quick smart – well she got it hung out, but wasn’t game to leave for fear that it would disappear – so she spent an hour holding onto it and was looking quite pleased at the end of the hour – it was all dry.
Diane had the windswept look but she was glad to have the washing dry
A walk into Egham was rewarding – we found a ship’s decanter in a charity shop for a fiver – now we have three of them. Free coffee at Waitrose, something to eat and then back to the boat.
Whilst Diane was away on her week of cruising the Med. (and leaving me on my own) there were a few shows that needed recording so that she could watch them when she returned, so we needed to start catching up on these programs – always good to do on a blowy evening.

She spent Thursday early morning (after 7am) in bed with her usual coffee and wrote a form of plan for our cruising – Thursday meant that we would be heading to Oxford, so now I knew where we were heading and head off we did at around the usual time – which is between 9am and 10am.

Sadly the weather was not as brilliant as it had been, but the sun was out at times; there were a lot more boats on the move today after the previous days windy weather. Many of the locks we have been through have been on self-service, so whilst I controlled the boat, Diane opened the sluices and watched me bobble about.
Always nice to get that first look of Windsor Castle
We found a lovely mooring just beyond the main mooring area – just outside the river-side gym – and here we plan to spend a couple of days – a planned rest day, and a chance for shopping (me thinks!).
No sooner had we finished tying up the ropes than the mooring sherriff was passing a slip of paper towards us (all filled in) and seeking some payment – bloody quick if you ask me.
Unfortunately,  I was not quick enough to count out a large amount of small change to make the payment, but I did so on Friday.
Two Queens together 

It was nice to not move for a day and a perfect early start to the weekend (well a day early) – we managed to get the shopping done (for some clothes).
More catching up on recorded programs; the winter duvet has appeared from its summer hiding place – a sure sign of what will be coming when we start heading northwards.
We found it just cold enough on Friday night to light up the Reflecs for a few hours – just to take the chill off the air, but after a couple of hours it seemed pretty well warm enough.

23 Miles, 8 Locks
YTD:  667 Miles (1073 km) , 380 Locks, 10 Tunnels, 14 Lift Bridges, 3 Swing Bridges

Total: 4462 Miles (7181 km), 3079 Locks, 122 Tunnels, 59 Lift Bridges, 170 Swing Bridges


  1. Hi both, The weather as we went north (faster than you two as we are in a speedy Enterprise rental car) seemed to get a bit cooler with less sunshine. It's going to rain here in Scotland today, not just Scotch mist either!
    I spoke with Ed Shiers last night and he said he'd done a little work for you - know we had met, Ray, as he follows both blogs! We love that man - not because of his taste in blogs, but because of his skills and workmanship and work ethic. He is a star.
    And by the way, we are officially jealous of you being out boating and managing to work as well. Next year, I will do the same or perhaps just the former!
    Cheers, Marilyn and David

  2. Marilyn
    I have to agree with your love of Ed, he is not just a great technician but such a lovely person - the Mykuni has not missed a beat since he performed his magic.
    Decide what you want; see how you can make it happen; remove any obstacles in your way; then do it - dreams and goals are there to be fulfilled, it simply takes the desire to get it done.