Friday, 18 November 2016

Things that need to be done.

Sunday 13th November to Friday 18th November 2016

Our primary reason for being in Rugby was to be somewhere for rail access; Diane had a doctors appointment in Watford on Wednesday and would travel down the day before to stay with her aunt and uncle and then come back on Wednesday afternoon.

So naturally we had a bit of sitting around and to be perfectly blunt it was just nice to be inside in the warmth – winter is only just around the corner – and it really felt like it.

We did a bit of shopping but mainly it was just relaxing; planning for next year; sorting out things that we would need to do before the end of the month.

Come Tuesday and we walked along to the station; Diane bought her tickets and then she was off; I was on my own, but under instructions – something to do with getting myself off to get a haircut – when I did some figuring,it had been June when I last had it done, so it was no wonder that it was long and scraggy and Diane was nagging me about it.

Anyway, that done, I made my way back to the boat, got some work done and settled down to see the England v Spain match on the TV – it is always that last hectic 10 minutes and this was no exception with Spain pulling off a dramatic draw.

The following afternnon and Diane was back – we had decided to go to the movies and see Inferno with Tom Hanks – and with the Meerkat 2-for-1 offer and senior discount – two of us were in for under £9 – can’t beat that.

We had seen the previous two in the series, but to be honest this was not the best of them; still a good movie and plenty of great locations, but…

Having got the appointment out of the way, we wanted to get up to see Coventry again – we are in the mode that we have to take advantage of our locations (wherever we may be) to see places again, if we can – it will be the last time to get there on the boat.

So with that being a priority we headed northwards – it being a particularly coldish day – luckily I had work to do on route, so Diane was out in the cold, I was inside where it was not so cold (well that would really be warm) – but I did keep her well hydrated with coffee and tea and nourished with lunch as well.

The occasional whistle summoned me outside for her to head inside to visit the head.

This is a lovely canal and we have traversed it many times and the going is neither quick nor slow.

There was one lock to negotiate – at Hawkesbury Junction – just beyond a line of moored boats (as usual) – we spotted nb Oakapple moored just there and I could see Sharon in through one of the portholes and waved to her; also saying hello to Richard who had poked his head out to say the same; unfortunately for us, our priorities were elsewhere and we had to continue our journey.

Bit annoyed to see that we were criticised publicly (on social media) for not stopping there.

We have been into Coventry just once previously and wanted to see it again – we love the basin, even with the hire boats now occupying one of the arms.

We made our way into there and winded before reversing down the northern of the two arms and mooring right at the end – enjoyed that exercise – but as usual, when you do it well there is no-one there to see it.

Our plan is to spend a couple of days here before we head back to Hawkesbury Junction to meet Stella and Dave and no doubt catch up with Richard and Sharon – we have a booking for Sunday lunch at the Greyhound.

After that it is south down the Oxford from whence we have just come.

We have to commend the Canal and River Trust for the new on-line system of being able to book passages along some of the routes that are around – particularly The Ribble Link and the moorings in Liverpool (others include the Standedge Tunnel and Frankton Locks) – we spent about 20 minutes on-line and made bookings for both of these to our satisfaction for next year (2017).
The system is so much easier that the old way of doing it and you have immediate confirmation by email and/or text message – well done CaRT.
If you want to look at it or make a booking then use the following link

Whilst you are there, you may also want to have a look around at all of the other things that they now have on-line, such a change to when we first started just 6 years ago.

17 Miles, 1 Lock, 1 Tunnel, 1 Swing Bridge
YTD:  815 Miles (1312 km) , 448 Locks, 11 Tunnels, 21 Lift Bridges, 4 Swing Bridges

Total: 4610 Miles (7419 km), 3147 Locks, 123 Tunnels, 66 Lift Bridges, 171 Swing Bridges


  1. It was not a criticism , it was just saying a shame you didn't stop as you could of joined us all in the greyhound ,you obviosly took it the wrong way

    1. Such a shame Sharon that you could not just simply viber us or use a private Facebook message to ask why we we not able to stop and we could have explained what we were doing.
      You may need to think about how your comments are seen by others before dismissing others as simply taking your comments the wrong way - a great future awaits you, but not in the UN