Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Back to the Usual - Cruising and Work

Thursday 8th June to Saturday 10th June 2017

After a restful night back in our own bed, it was back to usual – the week away with Sara and Mitch was wonderful, but we were back to the reality – back on the boat; back to cruising; back to travelling – such a tough life – back to coffee in bed for Diane and I was back to work.

After getting some of the necessary stuff done, the sun shining outside was beckoning and we had a bit of a window of clear weather to cruise back down to Castleford.

I went over to see Marie to advise that we would be leaving soon, also to pay the bill and return the key – the moorings and power with it was very reasonable and if we are here again we would not hesitate to stay here; similarly we will be recommending it to everyone else.

But it was time to head off – Diane walked over to the lock, I took the boat out through the marina entrance and straight into the lock – all paddles were now working and pretty soon we were down, out and heading south.
It is just a few miles to Castleford, but when we arrived, the flood lock was closed (not locked) and needed operation to get through which we did, then moored up on the visitor moorings.

Diane had shopping to do; I had more work to do, but we met up at the pub when Diane was done for a quick drink – and it was actually a coffee.

The French Open was still going so that would be the afternoon done for Diane, which suited me as I still needed time to continue the catch up with work – everything was back to normal.

Friday was a bit blustery with patches of sun and cloud and an occasional sprinkling of the wet stuff; there were a few locks thrown in there and by the time we reached Stanley Ferry we thought that this was a fair day’s effort, so we have moored here – visited the pub and done some walking.
Approaching Stanley Ferry and the almost iconic bridge in the distance

New lock gates being "seasoned" at the CaRT workshops.

The bridge from the side

More tennis and more work and we were done for the day.
Sunrise and whilst it looks lovely it does not necessarily bode well for th day

Looking north from the walkway bridge...

...and then looking south

early evening...

...later that same evening 

Saturday started with rain and it was not in any way fine until after lunch by which time we had given up any thoughts of cruising for the day – after all it was Ladies Final Day in Paris and the football was on directly after – no chance to cruise in the afternoon, but tomorrow we must be away – onwards towards the Rochdale Canal (and more colouring in on the map)

10 Miles, 6Lock
YTD:  546 miles (879 km), 247 Locks, 15 Tunnels, 9 Lift Bridges, 19 Swing Bridges

Total: 5178 Miles (8333 km), 3398 Locks, 139 Tunnels, 75 Lift Bridges, 191 Swing Bridges

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