Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Ferndale is for Sale

Friday 30th June to Wednesday 19th July 2017

This has been an exhausting 3 weeks for all of us.

We arrived in Brisbane at a half decent hour – around 7am and we were through customer and immigration without any problems within the hour – we then had another hour’s wait whilst Mitchell and Sara did exactly the same following their flight from Los Angeles.

The transportation from the airport is brilliant – the train station is right outside the airport and we were on our way – to the Sunshine Coast.

Not having to worry about driving was a bonus – the station at the other end was more or less just a short walk to where we had to be.

As can be imagined we have been through quite a lot during this time; the funeral took place on the Monday following and very pleased to see a strong contingent from Western Sydney – good to see cousins and Diane’s aunt – just sad that it was under such circumstances.

There has been a lot of crying going on – my job was to make sure that clean handkerchiefs and tissues were available for all.

We have had a lot of things to think about which we had hoped would be the best for everyone concerned – with Diane’s sister, Vivienne, and her brother and sister-in-law, Rob and Sonia, bearing the load with looking after both mum and dad for the past couple of years, we have decided that the best idea all around to allow for Mum to be able to stay in the house was to plan for 24 hour / 7 day full time care.

To this end, the only feasible solution is for Diane to take on that role for at least the nest 10 - 12 months until Vivienne retires from work.

This is an outcome which relieves the pressure on those who have been working hard to look after mum and dad.

So effective immediately Diane will remain here in Australia, specifically on the Sunshine Coast with her mother and take care of her needs with respect to getting her to appointments and ensuring that dietary and medical needs are looked after.

Where does this leave our adventures on the boat? They are about to end quite suddenly – I am leaving on the 19th from Brisbane to come back and will be taking care of a number of things – including transporting the vast quantity of things that we have accumulated over the past 7 years.

We have had such a lot of support and understanding from all of the people that we have met during that time and also from the close friends that we have made – we are constantly amazed and so thoroughly pleased with how close boaters are and how immeasurable ready they are to help – I cannot thank everyone enough –but as others would say “ I luvs you all”.

The best reaction for all of this has been from Diane’s mum, who just cried and cried when we told her of what we would be doing with her approval – we took a bit of time to explain that this is what we wanted to do.

So finally what I need to say is that nb Ferndale is now up for sale - please see 

for further information regarding the stats for the boat; I have with each blog advised of how much travelling we have done; we are not setting a price or even a price range, as we do not want to encourage or discourage people to look at the boat on its merits and make a sensible offer.
The basis of the sale will be an all inclusive offer - all items (apart from personal items) will remain on the boat, so there should be virtually nothing else to spend on the boat when you purchase it.


  1. All the best with the sale of Ferndale. This sounds like it has been a hard, yet easy decision to make. Sorry to hear that your travels will end, but with aging parents there comes a time when you want to repay their love, nurturing and care that they gave to you.
    Sorry that we never really got to meet, just a passing hello as our bows crossed over the last few years.
    Pip and Mick NB Oleanna

  2. Good luck to you both for the future - you will be missed. I have been following your blog for a long time and admire your decision - your Mum is a lucky lady, Diane. I am glad the funeral went well. Best wishes to you both and good luck with whatever the future holds. Jennie nb Tentatrice

  3. Not an easy decision to make but the sentiment is admirable and we wish you both all the best for the future. Xxx

  4. You did mention that 2018 might be your last year, but we can understand why the planning changed. Best of luck with the sale and we look forward to reading about your future exploits.

  5. Let us know if there is anything we can help with Ray. Hoping that the sale goes through quickly for you. Take care of each other. xx

  6. To everyone, thank you for your comments; if you can advise your readers that Ferndale is for sale that would be great and direct them to this blog and to Apollo Duck where it will shortly be added


  7. Very sad to hear this but fully understandable. will we see you before final move to OZ?