Friday, 22 September 2017

Surveyed and all OK – she’s gone

Monday 18th September to Wednesday 20th September 2017

From Foxton I had just about a couple of miles to move – would these be the last miles on Ferndale?

The Survey had been booked in for Tuesday 19th September and I was there bright and early – before 8 am – as Diane will tell you I am always arriving early for things, but better to be safe than sorry.

I had done as much as I could think of in readiness for the survey to be done – it is a lot like an MOT – you are sure it will be OK but you just never know what might be found.

About 9am Greg Owens turned up – he had placed the offer and was the buyer – we sat down to chat about a lot of things really – both of us were a bit nervous – me for obvious reasons and he for, well, obvious reasons – both of us hoping that it would all be OK.

The surveyor, Craig, was there just before 10 o’clock with his off-sider, Johnno. Questions asked and answered – what type of engine; heating system; electrics; toilet; this and that and everything in between – where is this, where is that?

And this was only the in-water stuff.

They worked their way methodically through their list.

It is surprising that the things that you were worried about present no problems and those that you were confident about had so many questions to answer.

As it was proceeding, they seemed pretty happy with both the answers and what they were finding – engine ran very well and all OK – no oil leaks, no smoking, a little bit of play in the shaft but no problems; electrics were all fine – alternators charging OK; central heating working correctly; the diesel heater (Reflecs) – didn’t need to check it (not part of the survey but a solid fuel stove would be part of it); gas system OK – bit of a fluctuation but within limits – more importantly it didn’t leak at that part of the test.

Now the big one – time to take her out of the water – so Ferndale was manoeuvred into position – the cradle straps raised her up and onto the supports.

Each panel was checked – both sides and also the base plate – the end result – a little bit of metal loss but given her age it was smaller than usual – as Craig said - it shows that it has been cruising a lot and not just sitting in a marina.
The landline charging system was the last to be tested – worked perfectly.

End result: Ferndale passed with flying colours and she would now change owners. It was a good result for the new owners as the survey included a new BSC for them as well.

This was the end of our time on the canals and the following day, the balance of the agreed price was deposited into our account, so now when you see Ferndale cruising past it will be a wave and hello to Greg and Frankie (Francis) Owens.
We wish them all the very best in their cruising and know that Ferndale will treat them as well as she has done for us.

All that was left to do was to clear out the final things that had not already been taken care of; remove the bags that I would be taking with me; and, I had agreed early on to refill the stern greaser ( a quick 5 minute job anyway).

A pat on the back to a great boat and a long list of memories – bye Ferny, you have done us proud!

2 Miles, 1 Swing Bridge
YTD:  792 miles (1275 km), 382 Locks, 20 Tunnels, 13 Lift Bridges, 34 Swing Bridges

Total: 5424 Miles (8729 km), 3533 Locks, 145 Tunnels, 79 Lift Bridges, 206 Swing Bridges


  1. Wonderful news Ray! A quick sale! Have a safe journey back to the lovely Diane, stay in touch via fb and the blog and we’ll see you in 2019. xx

    1. The lovely Diane is counting days - I do not know why - we shall be staying in touch and 2019 is marked in red in the diary -ray

  2. Good luck to you both in your new life Down Under. I am just sorry our paths never crossed. I am sure you will be delighted to be back with Diane. Jennie and Chris, nb Tentatrice

    1. The wonderful thing about being on the canals is that our paths do not need to cross - we know what each other is up to - it is a pity that we have not met in person - ray

  3. Well we only met you the once, when you were passing and you called out you read our blog - years ago on the Coventry near Nuneaton I think. Good luck and best wishes for the future. Debby xx

    1. I do remember that - such a remarkable thing that we have for all of us - we do remember where and when we meet for however briefly it may have been - I thought that it might have been the Ashby actually but you may be right - many thanks, ray

  4. Bye bye Ferndale and the captain and mate always enjoyed your ramblings!

    1. Ade, you are a sad sad person - my ramblings were just that - ramblings - but glad for you that you enjoyed them - ray