Sunday, 25 July 2010


We first gave thought to people living aboard narrowboats full time back in December 2000 and it was to stay with me for another 2 1/2 years before it occurred that this might be a lifestyle that would encompass many of the things that we would want to do.
A change of pace; a chance to travel further afield than just shorter holidays of 4 weeks; a chance to see the side of English life that underlined the English psyche; and to see more of a very beautiful country.
Over the years, changes in lifestyle, changes in my work, changes in what we looked at doing were governed by an overall end goal of what we are about to embark upon.
What has now grown is something that initially looked at a two year project to something that we are sure will be much longer than that timeframe and will widen to include more subjects and places.
We are looking forward to the adventure of our lifetime - how far we go, we will find out in time.
Diane will join me in about 12 months time and I will continue to work full time.

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