Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Tuesday 27th July 2010

3 miles, no locks

A rather coolish sort of day – I needed to fill the water tank – although it wasn’t low it is better to keep it topped, so off I went down to the winding hole just north of Clifton Cruisers, winded and then back up to the water point – had trouble trying to sort out the connections, but eventually got there. By my estimates it would take a good 220-240 litres, so it took a little while. All filled, it was off to the winding hole further up – except that I used the small arm to Willow Wren boats as I didn’t see the hole further on – got grief from Paul on Piston Broke (only joking around). Moored up again.
Off in the afternoon to see Lynne and Paul – the boat has become a work in progress as Paul prepares for the lengthening. He had struck his index finger hard enough to open a nasty gash and was in need of some attention from Lynne. Nice cup of tea and then back to the boat.

Wednesday 28th July 2010

8 miles, 3 locks (I am not going to total these until there is at least a reasonable amount to tell about)

D-Day – the return of Andrew the boat examiner – all passed AOK , so we are no ready to go. Didn’t waste any time about it either – Andrew was gone and so was I.
It was a transformation really to be free of the static mooring and actually moving with an intent to go somewhere else.
Got through Hillmorton locks with help from some other boaters – didn’t catch all of the details, but very helpful indeed – taking pity on a lone boater.
I was heading along just south of Bridge 78 when I spotted someone I knew – coming the other way on MuchGigglin was Tone and Julie with whom we had shared the Hatton flight two years ago.
We stopped and had a good chat about everything. I think that they were surprised to see that we had a boat so soon as we had told them 2012, so it was a very good chance to explain why.
Carried on to moor just before bridge 88 in a nice quiet rural location (aren’t they all?)

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