Sunday, 10 June 2012

Crick Weather – now an official term

Saturday 2nd June to Tuesday 5th June
No water travel this week

A new meteorological term has entered our dictionary – Crick Weather – the phenomena associated with the Bank Holiday at end of May/beginning of June and geographically around the Crick area.

After a week of almost glorious sunshine the weather very quickly gathered cloudy and cooler/colder conditions – almost overnight. The reason for all of this – the fast approaching long weekend and the Crick Boatshow.

We had a fairly long list of items that we had been building for a couple of months now – things that we wanted to find out about for the boat and guessed that we would have a better than average chance of being able to satisfy by another visit to Crick – so decision made – we were off there again.

On the two previous times we had been, we succeeded in coming out wetter than drier, but we had a plan – careful consultation with the weather planner (Diane’s android phone) showed that Saturday was going to be better than Sunday – previous visits had been Sundays.

As it turned out this was a decision of some genius – Saturday was a day that could be spent outside for most of the time and Sunday was absolutely miserable.

Almost all of the items were crossed of the list and we had a wallet full of credit card receipts to prove it.

Sunday was a flood – we went to the movies and generally made sure that we were somewhere inside – cold and wet and cold again.

Monday, of course was glorious and we met up with Mike and Stella from Isobel at Polesworth CarBoot Market – bought a couple more things – spare room to fill in the hire car was Diane’s excuse.

We went back to Isobel with Mike and Stella, but moored up behind them were Betty and Graham on Tranquility  - a knock on the side and Betty appeared, followed by Graham – we chatted for a while and bought some tyre fenders for the boat – you can never have enough can you?

On the way back to the boat, which we had left at Burscough, we pick up Banjo from the kennels – he had had a good time there and was surprisingly very clean despite all of the rain that everyone had had.
Part of the war memorial at Southport -
so wonderfully built

Tuesday came and we took advantage of having a car and headed off to explore around the area – ending up at Southport where we spent some time looking around, but our time to head off was approaching and we started to ready ourselves for the trip into Liverpool

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