Monday, 25 June 2012

Our time is up !!

Sad to say that our time in Liverpool is up and we must leave this remarkable city.

We have had such a great time here and it clearly will be on our agenda to return here - next year.

Being able to moor up in an area which is just 5 minutes away from the city centre on moorings which are friendly, quiet at night and have power and water is unique in our travels.
There are just so many things that we have seen whilst we have been here that words alone cannot tell completely.
the yellow duckmarine - making it's usual splash on the occupants
as well as the residents

the day it broke down - but as with all boaters there is always
someone to come to the rescue
The moorings in the background - an ideallic place to stay

Especially happy with this - the view as I worked
Part of the Old Dock area - still preserved under the new
development that is Liverpool One

The walls of the Old Dock - a great deal of work was carried out
during the development of the new shopping precinct to ensure
that ths old dock was not affected
St.George's Hall which was built to house both the Courthouse
and a Town Hall

The courthouse

the dock (not the shipping kind) - well some of them might have
been shipped out

Part of the huge organ in the town hall

the ceiling
we had to take the ferry across the mersey - and yes they played the song
Diane did her best but without the words and the tune we can still give her
a pass mark

a view back to Liverpool and the Liver building across the river

foreground there is a beach - but way too cold for a dip

the imposing structure that is the Anglican Cathedral
This is the ferry
the Town Hall on the Birkenhead side - cannot remember which
one it was

Part of the submarine U-534 - salvaged after the war and now on display

waiting for the ferry
This is for Diane's dad - for memories of over 50 years ago

the SuperLamBanana - this is the first one

all around Liverpool these sculptures have materialised

along the waterfront

and in front of the Liverpool museum - as well as in the town

just one more
the city is a delight to walk through - notice the building on
the right with the tower

not much chance of knowing the time - no sun to speak of

The town hall - like a lot of older buildings there
is a great deal of cleaning needed

The Queen Victoria memorial - in Derby Sqaure
couldn't come to Liverpool and not visit Mathew Street - and
The Cavern Club

The Anglican Cathedral

It really is more impressive inside

Such incredible work to build this

I am sure that this is a normal telephone box with more than
one number that can be called
Looking at the Anglican Cathedral from the Catholic Cathedral
The Catholic Cathedral - note the black section at the top -
this is actually stained glass windows

The stained glass windows from the inside

The altar
The Philharmonic Dining Rooms - worth a visit simply to see the
tile work inside - even in the gents toilets
The Liver bird - symbol of Liverpool
 This has been a part of the sights of Liverpool - there was a lot more that we have seen and a lot more still to see

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