Friday, 13 July 2012

Drifting along slowly and quietly, until all of a sudden ….

Thursday 5th July to Wednesday 11th July 2012
12 Miles, 7 Locks, 3 Swing Bridges for this week

Totals: 1227 Miles, 936 Locks, 38 Tunnels, 18 Lift Bridges, 54 Swing Bridges

We have spent this time very much in slow motion mode – in fact you would need to put the fast forward on the replay to see us moving at even anything approaching normal speed.

We have had only two concerns with us for this week – the continuing ensurance that Phil maintains a less than no physical exertion and to make sure that we were in Wigan on Tuesday 10th.

Why the need to be in Wigan on that date? – I can hear you saying this.

But first things first – we left Parbold and made our way down through the locks either side of Aspley Bridge – a lovely little place it is – during our passage through the swing bridge there, who should be going the other way and very happy to have the work done for them but Wintons Folly with Barry and Carol aboard – we know them from Aston Marina and lovely people they are – you only ever see and talk to lovely people.

Through to the village of Crooke – a vet’s visit for Freddie on the Saturday morning and one for Banjo on the Monday afternoon. They are both a lot better but we need to keep an eye on each of them. For us it is Banjo’s continuing back issues which are better but could flare up at any time.

So we made it through to Wigan on time – mooring up just near to the BW (oops CaRT) offices – Valentine behind us – we had been up through the lock to do a manual pumpout at the sanitary station – wish we had a longer hose to reach the receptacle – has to use a 25 litre container to transfer it – not pleasant at all but better than the alternative.

After that we can now cross off another first – we came down through the lock backwards – Diane completing the passage and then reversing the 100 metres back to our mooring place – fine woman that – her reversing skills were not including in the resume when she applied for the job 30 years ago – might have got her sooner if they had been written down.

So why Wigan and why Tuesday?

An ex-colleague of mine, Richard, and his wife Kirsty and the kids, Emily and Jacob are over here on holiday and asked if the boat might be available for them to take up through the Wigan flight for us and we agreed, based on the additional information of their considerable boating experience.

So they have the responsibility of looking after the boat for a week and we are taking a break and touring the south-west of Scotland.

So if you have read this blog and happen to come across Ferndale in this week, it will not be Diane and I at the back, but Richard and Kirsty, so give them a wave and say hello.

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