Sunday, 8 July 2012

Thanks to BW and probing the canal the hard way

Monday 25th June 2012 to Wednesday 4th July 2012
40 Miles, 6 Locks, 3 Tunnels, 15 Swing Bridges for this period

Totals: 1215 Miles,  929 Locks, 38 Tunnels, 18 Lift Bridges, 51 Swing Bridges

 Let’s not beat around the bush – like our trip into Liverpool, the best part about the trip out was the great work and friendliness of the BW staff

We have such respect for these guys – so helpful, so friendly and ready to provide extra if needed – thanks again guys – same time next year.

We have to also acknowledge the task ahead for the army of volunteers who are trying to clean up the canal into Liverpool, but it has to be said that there has to be a massive mindset change to clear away the level of rubbish already there and the amount that comes after.

We were glad to be able to help them in a small way and the three bags full of rubbish removed from the prop are an indictment on the people who see the canal as a rubbish tip – but it won’t stop us from coming back next year – Liverpool deserves better than to not go there.

But to the mindless idiot who decided that he would have a pot shot with half a brick at our travelling companions on nb Valentine – think yourself lucky that you weren’t caught or worse that it didn’t hit anything other than the water. What sort of person acts like that??

Another big thanks to the office staff for being able to help with allowing us to extend our stay in order to help Lyn and Phil out of Liverpool after Phil had done the Grand Tour of Liverpool hospital with medical problems
duelling camers - Phil taking it easy

In the time since this we have been slowly moving and exploring the pubs that have until now escaped our patronage – at least 5 more on the list of pubs to revisit next year. We have spent at least 2 nights in each location where we have moored – Melling; Haskayne; Burscough; Parbold
part of the fracking operation under licence PEDL165 - just
near Burscough. Fracking is the extraction of oil from shale

This is the speed at which we want to be moving.

Phil has improved tremendously – the hardest part of the journey is making sure that he doesn’t do anything – he is very willing to help, but not so quick in understanding that he can’t do it all (or really anything).

Both Phil and Lyn are great people and we have enjoyed their company and hope to be with them for a few more days yet.
Just enjoying the cruising

The basis of selection of mooring spots has been doubly important this week – clear signal for the television – it is after all Wimbledon time – and Euro 2012 – Diane is in her element – and with days of not moving the boat, she has been able to see plenty of the action (tennis-wise) as well as the end of the football season.
Boats heading down the Rufford arm - bound for Tarleton
and the Ribble Link

a lovely row of cottages at the junction - dating from 1797

Lyn performs a perfect turn at the junction ready for a return
back to Burscough

During our stay at Haskayne, Diane decided to use the new cleaning system that was purchased at Crick – wash the boat with ease and only on a bucket of water – unfortunately the extension section was only connected by a friction join and not a screw handle – a bit of vigorous brushing and whoops, off it came and straight into the canal – sunk like a rock despite being plastic and of course it is not magnetic.
Taking on water at Dean Locks

Sitting outside and enjoying a brief spell of sunshine and a couple of glasses of red and eventually reached the conclusion that there was just one way to find it again. It took just a couple of minutes of searching the mud and slime with the feet and it was found!!
Strange creatures in these canals - retrieval of
the lost brush

We are looking forward to our trip this week towards Wigan and a change in the outlook for some of the time to come – more on that to come next week.
Sunshine and slow cruising - what can be better

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