Friday, 21 September 2012

New Fridge

Monday 10th September to Sunday 16th September 2012 

17 Miles, 4 Lift Bridges, 4 Swing Bridges for this week 

Totals: 1368 Miles, 1114 Locks, 46 Tunnels, 24 Lift Bridges, 95 Swing Bridges

After some very heavy and exhausting weeks of travelling we have really had a rather peaceful week.

Our priority this week had been to take delivery of the new fridge and get back to some sort of normality and for Diane to be able to stock it back up with all of the things that she has been missing for some time now – the old one could not accommodate the things that she ideally would have liked.

But all of that is a bit premature – we had pencilled in a visit to Bugsworth Basin on this trip – when we had last been on the Peak Forest – 4 years ago on a hire boat – we only cruised into Whaley Bridge; since that time everyone had been saying “Oh you really should have gone to Bugsworth – it is much better”.

So we wanted to see what all of the fuss was about.

We have enjoyed the cruising along this stretch and we enjoyed it again – the important part of this cruise was undoubtedly the scenery – it would not have been the effortless of the cruise – the canal is too shallow and in need of some dredging – especially at the side to allow more and better mooring.

On arrival at the Basin it was water-tank filling time and then we decided to move on around to the Upper Basin area. Mike and Stella slotted in behind and the moorings allowed easier access to and from the boats.

The other thing we had been told was that The Navigation Inn was worth the visit – I have to say it was worth the visit although we didn’t decide to eat there we did enjoy the ales and the general feel of the place.

Mike indicated that when they had been previously he had not had the chance to see much of Whaley Bridge – naturally that meant a walk into there – and a visit to the pubs.

Do we go by the towpath around via the junction or walk over the hill?

We had seen the towpath so decided that over the top might be interesting -  only if you consider climbing Everest to be fun.

The ales were good, the pubs were good, the conversations with people in all of them were good as well; an afternoon spent well.

There is always time to stop and chat to people when you are out and about and whilst we were walking back from a Tesco shopping expedition we came across a boat which had a few ideas for the kitchen makeover we intended and we got around to talking to Ruth and Mark who were on nb Wandering Duck – this is a boat for hire for people who want to experience the joys of cruising the canals – it is fully catered with Ruth and Mark as hosts. It covers a 2 night stay and either goes down the Marple Flight and then back up, or the alternative route is down the Macclesfield and return.

It allows people to get a taste for it without the expense of a week long cruise and without the worries.

They were very nice and the business seems to be starting to take off, so we wish them all of the best – check out their website

The phone call that we had been waiting for finally came and we were to getting the fridge delivered to TW Marine at Furness Vale, so it was necessary to be heading off early – due sometime between 9am and 12 noon.

Who would have thought that 8:30am would be the time – but it was there, the delivery guy waiting for someone to arrive who knew anything about it coming – alas he was not able to take away the old one.

As luck would have it we had caught up with Tony from nb Grandad’s Boat the previous Sunday after our afternoon session at the Ring’O’Bells – he was employed at the marina to look after the services and the lawns and gardens, so we caught up with him again when we arrived there. He was good enough to allow us to breast up next to him whilst we checked on everything.

The fridge was duly loaded onto nb Isobel – they were moored next to the side and easier to load onto there than onto Ferndale – so as Mike is now saying “Isobel is a cargo carrying boat”.

Our intention was to cruise to Marple Junction and moor up for a couple of days – something about wanting to see some Dr Who episodes that were coming up on Friday and Saturday (crazy people).

The desired outcome was achieved; the fridge transferred to Ferndale; unpacked and put into place. It was wired up to the 12V supply; allowed to stand whilst the gas settled; then turned on – bingo – it all was working and working well.

Now for Diane to do what she does exceptionally well – Shop!

Saturday was assigned for a quick turn around and return to the service block for a self-pumpout – all went well in the morning until she decided to get out of bed – a strong twinge in the back and she couldn’t move.

Two boats; two invalids; two fit and able men – our lot in life I guess to take care of them yet again.

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