Monday, 24 September 2012

Homeward Bound again

Monday 17th September to Sunday 23rd September 2012

12 Miles, 12 Locks,  1 Swing Bridges for this week

Totals: 1380 Miles, 1126 Locks, 46 Tunnels, 24 Lift Bridges, 96 Swing Bridges

With what would amount to about one week of slow travel time and we would be back at the marina, we really will be slowing down a great deal – we want to take about another 4 weeks to travel back.

The weather has not been especially great this week – on a couple of occasions we have set off for a few miles in what could be described as good conditions only to have the heavens open up on us – Mike and I on each of the boats consigned to the back whilst Stella and Diane sought the refuge of the dry inside.

The last and only great barrier on the Macclesfield is the Marple locks – as fine a flight that could be found anywhere – well maintained and with plenty of water we did not expect too much trouble in negotiating them – nor did we find any.
Bosley locks

After watering up we found ourselves in a bit of a queue to start the trip down – nothing to worry about – there were 2 CaRT guys helping get all us going. Just taking it slowly down the flight in brilliant sunshine; then torrential showers; then bright sunshine; then rain; then sun – you get the idea.

So semi-drenched and semi-broiled we moored up at the bottom of the flight – a favourite spot of ours and for many others as well – and there were plenty of spots to choose from.
From the moorings at the bottom of the locks

The rain continued on and off for the next 2 days – no real reason to move – so we were nice and cosy inside.

For us, it has now almost become officially winter – most of the double glazing has gone back onto the windows and now we only have three windows to wipe down in the morning (and mid-morning, lunchtime and the afternoon).

Saturday was the day to cruise again – our time up where we were – now off to Congleton for replenishment of supplies and reading material – Diane needed her magazine and the weekend papers – and of course a few more things for the cupboards and fridge.

It was a pleasant 3 mile cruise down to Congleton – in the sunshine, which was quite warm (the air was cold though). Moored up just past the aqueduct with magnificent views over the valley.
The railway viaduct as viewed from our moorings at Congleton

It was only a short walk into Hightown; a bit longer into Congleton itself, but with the likely bad weather due for Sunday this was a good place to be.

Sunday lunch was definitely on the menu for this week, especially with two pubs – The Navigation Inn and The Queens Head also showing the football live.

We decided on The Queens Head and weren’t disappointed – either with the meal or with the match – Man United 2-1 over Liverpool.

We escaped any of the bad weather forecast for Sunday, but fear that this will not be the case for the coming week.

We received two pieces of unhappy news this week – firstly Diane’s aunt lost her mother, who was aged 89, and had been quite ill – it was a bit of a blessing, but it is always a very sad occasion.

Secondly, a dear friend in Sydney, Phil Henderson, finally lost his battle with cancer. He was a unique person – never a bad word against anyone and always saw the best in people and situations – it was only back in April that we were joking and laughing as he was undergoing the fight. Rest in peace Phil, the world is much the worse for you not being here.

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