Sunday, 17 February 2013

Jobs, jobs and more jobs!!

Friday 8th February to Sunday 10th February 2013

Another busy few days for both of us – just trying to fit everything into the allotted timeframe that we have set ourselves – there is a bit of a list of things that we want to get finished before the end of this month – before we start cruising again.

Friday and we were off to Stafford to get a few bits and pieces – high on the list was paint for the walls and also another roll of the insulated lining paper – alas there was none of the wallpaper in stock (it is one of those items that isn’t always there), and we have nearly finished the two rolls that we had purchased previously – not to worry.

The paint was there and Diane now has the colour and finish that she wants – I should have bought her a new paintbrush as an early Valentine’s day present (but I forgot).

As we had been waiting for the bus earlier to take us into Stafford I remarked to Diane that we should get in touch with Peter and Ruth (ex-nb Kathryn) and arrange time for dinner with them before they move off to Scotland – well, who should we meet on our way to B&Q in Stafford – exactly, Peter was there about to cross the street – so off for coffee and a catch up and some tentative dinner arrangements – pre-ordained or just luck !!

Over the weekend we managed to finish off the rolls of wallpaper, so that now we have the saloon, galley, dining area, rest of the starboard side of the inside of the boat down to the back cupboards – it looks quite good.

In addition to this, Diane has also painted the lounge in the new colour that we have picked out – looks good – and I managed to get a fair amount of paying work finished.

In amongst all of that we also managed to see a bit of the six nations rugby – Wales had a good win over France – to avenge their loss at the World Cup.

I did the usual Saturday engine and battery checks as well as checking out the shower pump that we took out – it diaphragm wasn’t perished as first though so it has been cleaned and reassembled, now it needs to be tested and perhaps put back into service.

By the time the weekend had finished we were both knackered.

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