Tuesday, 19 February 2013

High hopes - sad reality

Monday 18th February to Tuesday 19th February 2013

Busy at work at the dinette; Diane hovering around – looks in cupboards; looks out window; looks in washing machine; stands in thought – then suddenly it’s

“Get your gear off”

Like most males the thought process immediately jumps to “things are looking up” and so the clothes start to be peel away.

Then equally as quickly it’s

“Just the jeans will do”


“I only need the jeans to give the machine a full load”

Sadly deflated in more ways than one, it’s a clean pair back on and back to work.

Not even a cup of tea or coffee and certainly not a thank you – I just feel a little bit used and nothing done to help the ego either.


  1. Ray, You've been married long enough to know Christmas only comes once every 12 months!

  2. The tooth fairy comes more than once a year - he says with a mouthful of gum

  3. Very funny! But then again, Jenny has been known to tell Robin to get his shorts off during the day when she wants to put a load of washing on. For some reason, friends camping with us thought this was hilarious!