Friday, 5 July 2013

Lottery Win makes Dutch Barge closer

Tuesday 2nd July to Friday 5th July 2013

When I look back on this week it is surprising how busy it has been – there has been more work on the boat from multiple directions.

Chris Jones was back on Tuesday to change over two of the engine mounts – the old ones were worn a bit but not completely, but we believe this will benefit the situation. There is still some concern over the engine revs at low speeds and with some adjustment there should be a better outcome.

Wednesday came and we realised that we needed to start work on removing the cupboard in the lounge so that we can get a complete idea of the space we will have for the new heater and also allow us to be able to make the adjustments to power cables and TV cables.

Before ....

and after
It wasn’t an easy job to get it out and as always there were a few screws that were simply refusing to play the game and come out easily, but in the end we got there.

After the cupboard was out there was still the little matter of finding out exactly where the cables went to behind the covering board – that was nearly as hard to remove as the cupboard.

Finally with everything removed we could rationalise what we had and what we needed to do – fortunately we have a bit of time to get it all done – this first step is just to arrange for the quote.

We still wanted to finalise the varnishing of the doors and the front doors were next – so out they came on Thursday, sanded and 2 coats of varnish applied – thankfully they did dry enough for them to be put back in that evening.

In no small way was the completion of the varnishing due to the very warm weather we are experiencing and on Friday we started to see how good it really can be.

A nice gentle walk into Stone for just a few things we needed – 7 in total – but somehow that expanded to be three bags full as well as a backpack – I am definitely reinstating the strict list adherence – not much hope of that happening.

There will be some who know of my desire for a Dutch Barge – Diane has been against it from day 1; the only leeway was that it could happen if we were to win the lottery.

Last week, unbeknownst to Diane I bought a lottery ticket and had almost forgotten about it – I went into check it out – it was a winner and I could not believe the amount that it won.

I shall be checking the phone numbers for the dutch barge brokers, but sadly it will not be to buy one – I will still have to wait - ₤50 will not get the whole boat, but we are on our way – a few more wins and it will happen – now to check the runners at Cheltenham !!

No travel this week


  1. Have you considered a small air leak causing the engine vibration

  2. Ray... she didn't specify how much you had to win!
    Elly x

  3. Hi Brian and Diana

    we now think that it has been resolved - we have been out for two days now and no problems, so a couple more and we will be confident to advise.

  4. Hi Elly

    she did specify and 50 pounds wasn't enough - i need to win enough to actually pay for it and a bit left over.