Saturday, 13 July 2013

More planned cruising changed..

Monday 8th July to Saturday 13th July 2013

We stayed at Fradley Wood for a further two nights such was the peace and tranquillity of the moorings – so very lucky to be here.

There is a lovely walk around the nature area at Fradley -
peaceful and cool

the heron..

the dog ...
We didn’t lol around here – apart from my normal daytime job there were a great many things that we managed to get done – none more important than sanding down the boat pole and giving it a couple of coats of varnish and 3 or 4 more coats of stain to the plank.

the hired help at work - don't stop and talk to her - I have
had a hard time getting her started
Luckily I could call upon my off-sider to get the job completed and a magnificent job she did – she now warrants another few weeks on the boat.

even the sheep were hard at work -well not this lot
the artist in careful concentration

so who's up for an ice-cream guys?

Wednesday came and we headed down to Streethay wharf to find out  more about the diesel heater; how it can be installed; and most importantly how much lighter the bank account would be.

I have to say that it got a thorough going over by 4 people – each proficient in their own area of expertise. I do however have to say that there was just a little bit thinking about problems that then demanded more complicated solutions than really existed in the first place.

After about 90 minutes we were on our way with the pricing left top be done and texted through later – meanwhile we headed for Hopwas and hopefully some very pleasant moorings.

Diane spotted this on a passing boat - guess what has now
made it onto the shopping list?
Not long after mooring up we received the pricing from Nick – we did expect that it would be more expensive than a solid fuel stove to install but the end prices were a bit of a shock – are we meant to be paying off the trade deficit ourselves? – we couldn’t accept it and a response was sent back.

We adjourned to The Tame Otter for a quiet drink and Nick phoned – we discussed the situation and he was advised that our fallback was simply replace our present Mykuni – a far cheaper option than his price for the diesel heater installation.

The following day I spoke to the suppliers of the Reflecs stove and they quote us a considerably lower price just for the stove and flue than we had received before – and generally a better outlook on getting it all done with money left in the bank.

So guess what? We have changed course and now heading back north again heading for Shardlow.

On route it was necessary for a mandatory mooring at Sutton Road Bridge and some shopping; and then after winding we were Fradley bound again – this time spending a night at Huddlesford and a visit to The Plough.

This pub has reopened in the last two years – it was firmly closed the last time through this way for us – food looks good (although we didn’t partake); the beer tasted fine as did the cider – so we will pop in for a meal next time.

No need to stop at Fradley this time apart from the obligatory water fill and then we turned right to head towards Shardlow , but first we moored up at Alrewas, and though we had briefly been here to wind and return we are now on uncharted waters for us.

The village is lovely and the moorings are as well – Diane had managed to spend money before we had even moored up – the gentleman on nb Duck Duck Charlie Brown (sorry, but I didn’t catch your name) was setting up his tiller pins for sale when she asked “You don’t happen to have a dragon, do you?”

“Why yes indeed I do” was the reply

That was it – he set about polishing it whilst we moored up.

It looked good and my wallet was lighter – how does that all work?

the new tiller pin - a perfect likeness
of the mother-in-law
The weather has been so warm this week that we have been setting off very early to beat the heat – the trip to Alrewas commenced at 7am – that’s right Paul – the other 7 o’clock in the day – Banjo, had missed out on his beauty sleep, so he just nodded off on the seat out the back.

lazy, lazy ......and did I say lazy?

We have made the edict now that we will not be partaking in anymore fish and chips from a local chippy – they all seem to be just too oily/fatty for our taste – we have both struggled after a Friday night visit.

Way too hot to be moving on today and we continued with more jobs on the boat – yesterday it was tidying up all of the wiring from behind the cupboard that we had to move and today it was sanding away some rust and priming some small areas of lifted paint – now ready for the topcoat

it looks like I know what I am doing
Saturday is maintenance day, so batteries were checked – not sure how I managed to do this without a battery management system – but there were just two cells that needed just a little water; the oil levels and radiator were checked – all fine; a small amount of water was in under the back seal – it had been there for 3 weeks and not increased – it’s not there anymore.

such was the heat the Banjo burrowed in under the bushes to
get some relief
After all of that it was time to collapse and watch le Tour and generally stay as cool (or is that less hot) as possible.

22 Miles, 7 Locks, 2 Swing Bridges

Totals: 1892 Miles, 1395 Locks, 61 Tunnels, 29 Lift Bridges, 141 Swing Bridges

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  1. Ray,
    Did your consider a Glembring diesel stove ( They are Swedish and very similar to the Refleks.... but cheaper.