Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Mind the gap !

Monday 5th August to Tuesday 6th August 2013

Now back in the marina, hooked up to power, it feels neither like something new or something old – it was somewhere where we were revisiting.

But glad we are that we are back for a short while – there are a few more things that we need to take care of.

One thing that now definitely is finished is the sealing of the windows – after taking them all out, cleaning them up, sanding the rusty areas back and priming and painting, putting them back in and varnishing the timber frames, I can report that we have not had any leaks after the bouts of heavy rain that have appeared on a few occasions in the last few weeks – that one is gone from the list.

Last November when we had our kitchen remodelled, Mike took the time to create a side extension for the bed that can be raised and lowered when needed. It allowed us to move the mattress out from beneath the gunwhale and therefore use all of it.

That meant a small gap between the side of the mattress and the inside side of the boat – a bit of a chance to hang the foot our or a stray arm – if the mood took effect.

Usually the job of arranging the bed such is left to me and it doesn’t take too much movement to place it correctly.

Last night when I was taking Banjo for his last walk I left the job to the management; consequently when I took to the bed and moved to the gunwhale I was left with a gaping hole where once I could lie securely – the space enveloped me as I was dragged down into the chasm – seemingly by some monster from beneath the supports – a leviathan that lurked below – kept warm by the calorifier, now ready to wreak revenge on some poor unsuspecting victim – namely me.

Almost disappearing from view and from life itself, I only just managed to scramble out of the void – no thanks to the bedmate, who could only disguise her not so obvious concerns with some hearty giggling and outright laughter.

No more will she be allowed to upset the bed equilibrium again – at least not before she has had some proper training.

No sympathy, just uncontrolled mirth – oh the indignity of it all!!

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