Monday, 12 August 2013

Soon to be off !

Wednesday 7th August to Monday 12th August 2013

We really haven’t done a lot this week – well at least not in terms that anyone else would be interested, so I haven’t written.

But I need to take care of that today.

We ventured into Stone on both Thursday and Friday – there were appointments – both with the vet (Banjo) and with the doctor (Diane) – luckily we didn’t mix them up.

Banjo is getting better – the infection in his throat has just about disappeared and the fluid in his lung, likewise, has almost gone – it is easy to see that he is getting better – he is bounding along; tail wagging; and he is a lot brighter in himself.

As for Diane – she is bounding along; tail wagging – no that’s not right – she is well also – a bit more shine in her coat.

On our return trip from Stone to the marina, we caught sight of nb Rock’n’Roll at the water point, so we strolled down to see how George and Carol were – very well was the answer – on their way to Great Haywood.

Shortly after that Hayden on nb Tinker cruised by after coming down the lock – so we gave him a bit of stick which is reciprocated – all in the friendly way it is intended.

George and Carol were just about finished with their water tank – we had caught up with the state of play with their composting toilet – all going well – and sought out their update on the diesel stove – one of which we are about to install. Important things that require input from all concerned.

Just then, we observed three familiar figures walking down from the lock – Sue, Dave and Bella (nb Cockney Sparra), so we said our farewells to George and Carol and walked back to the marina with Dave and Sue.

And a very pleasant walk it was – hardly noticed the distance – and you tend not to whilst you are chatting and putting the world right again.

A bit of painting of the boat – around one of the windows where some tape had pulled away paint – leaving bare metal and now some surface rust – so sand, prime and first coat have all been achieved – not a brilliant key into the existing paintwork but acceptable for now – still one more coat to go.

Apart from all of these exciting things we have only packed our bags for a few days away – Banjo has been sent off to the kennels.

Mary the owner of the kennels came by to pick Banjo up.

I have to say that the cattlegrid installed at the front gate to the marina does it’s job very well indeed – it really does keep the livestock in – both Banjo and Diane could not get across – they both had to use the side gate

And we will be off soon ourselves – all I can say is that it involves a train, a tunnel and a tower.

No travel

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