Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Sunday - you little beauty !

Sunday 22nd September 2013

The first job of the day was the making of the coffee – the second job was to take the dog for his walk and get the paper – do you ever feel like there is some kind of routine going on here?

It was a lovely day out in the morning, but work beckoned and so in Diane’s own way she managed to keep out of my way – armed with a fresh coffee and the Sunday Times she volunteered to hold the bed down.

We had decided against rushing off today and instead to just take it easy and then stroll down to the pub for lunch.

And what a meal it was – on the Wrenbury scale it rated an 8.5 – and the dessert was very good as well – Lemon sponge with lemon sauce and custard – just the one to share between us – we have to watch our figures.

After all of this it was back to the back – we were ready to leave and enjoy the afternoon sunshine with some cruising.

A little concern for us as we were ready to start – the engine wouldn’t turn over when we tried to turn it on – the glowplugs were heating OK but not sound of any charge getting through – the engine battery was reading 12.5V – it usually is a solid 13V.

Eventually it kicked in, but another thing to keep an eye on until we get back to the marina.

We were only a few locks down when those inimitable pair from nb Josephine (Andy and Jean) were beside us again – going towards Penkridge – they were mooring above the lock that we had not long left, so we moored up and walked back for a cuppa with them.

We checked out their new kittens – as much as we are not cat people, they were quite cute – Banjo, of course, was scared of them.

Jean was trying to bring out a new collapsible ladder that they had purchased (to make it easy to get out of the water) when she felt something “slimy” – when she looked down it was a “fish” on the ladder – it was a wee bit funny to see her in a bit of shock and horror at this fish – especially when it emerged as one of those silicone rubber lures used by fishermen.

Diane is holding the offending "fish"/lure

Still we had a good laugh at Jean’s expense – sorry Jean.

We all said goodbye to one another and we were back on our way through the next 3 locks – eventually mooring up just before Stafford Boat Club for the night.

 4 Miles, 6 Locks

Totals: 2170 Miles, 1625 Locks, 74 Tunnels, 32 Lift Bridges, 145 Swing Bridges

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