Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Lost week

Wednesday 25th September to Tuesday 1st  October 2013

Exactly where does a whole week disappear to ?

Well there is the usual stuff that needs to get done – washing, cleaning, shopping; then there are the appointments – Banjo to the vet and Diane to the doctor

Other than that – mmm let me think.

It is very easy to lose most of the day when you intend to go out for an hour and then meet friends along the way, as happened before we went into Stone.

Lynn and Phil pulled into the marina with nb Valentine to fuel up and before we new it we had a lift into Stone; Diane had done her flu jab  thing at the surgery; we were all off for lunch and then a bit of shopping; said our goodbyes after 4 hours; walking back along the towpath we came across Julie and Tony (nb DamperVan) – looking decidedly red – the boat, not Julie and Tony. Tony had completely repainted the boat since we had last seen them in early July – the result was fantastic.

So there was a bit more time well spent.

Further along we came across Sue (nb Cockney Sparra) with her two grand-daughters on their way up to see Julie and Tony, so a bit more time chatting.

Before we knew it we were back at the boat but it was late afternoon, we had not so much lost a day as thoroughly enjoyed it after planning to be gone only for a routine flu jab.

Apart from that, work has impinged upon most of the week for me (Diane is a saint in putting up with my long hours when I need to get something done); whenever we are about to go away for a holiday, there always seems to be a last minute rush from others to get a shed load of work finished – this time was no different – it fully took up 4 days and having it all done is quite a relief.

We can now go away and enjoy ourselves and not have to worry about too much for the next fortnight.

So from the land of the almighty dollar we will enjoy the theme parks and Times Square and we will return with plenty of photos to share.

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