Thursday, 24 October 2013


Thursday 17th October to Thursday 24th October 2013

Remarkably we felt very good after only a short time – not much in the jetlag area and we set about the usual things of shopping and getting the boat back to normal.

After that we starting thinking a bit about a last chance to have a cruise, before the closures start and inevitably we have to give thought to the trip back to Australia.

A check on the weather reports and a look to where we could escape.

And then of course being able to actually make that escape; we needed to fill with diesel – the tank was down to about the last 20 litres; Diane wanted to top up the heater tank as well – certainly our biggest fill ever – 157 litres in total – but only 10 litres for the heater and 47 hours use – works out to 210 ml per hour – not bad at all.

Best of all was the exit from the marina and then going past the entrance and onto the lock – we only made it as far as Stone where we holed up for a few days to replenish the heavy things for the pantry and of course the obligatory visit to The Swan – on 3 consecutive days – the open fires are back and it was quite cosy in there – and of course we were joined by Paul and Elaine for a drink or two, to hear how their plans were progressing and where they were tending towards – it all sounds very good for them – it appears to be coming together and we could not be happier for them.

Our plan formulated out to cruising up to Stoke for a few days, which could very well extend to almost a week, but we really like Stoke.

We will also fit in appointments for eye tests – it had been more than the usual 2 years since our last checkups and at our age we need to get them done.

So we are now here in Stoke at the junction; about to sit out the weather predicted for tomorrow and then probably a couple of days up at the lake – also a chance to visit a couple of the outlets for Xmas presents back home.

Anyway it is good to have this last cruise after not being out for a few weeks.

9 Miles, 5 Locks

Totals: 2193 Miles, 1644 Locks, 74 Tunnels, 32 Lift Bridges, 145 Swing Bridges

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