Saturday, 8 February 2014

Cherries, Bananas and Fruit Wine

Thursday 6th February to Friday 7th February 2014

Thursday was tank day – filling the empty diesel containers and emptying the toilet cassette. As long as we kept it that way around then we wouldn’t have any problems – thankfully Banjo’s yapping didn’t cause us any loss of concentration.

Friday IS early doors day and a little while after Diane carefully, calmly and calculatingly managed to “stab” Elaine gently in the privacy of her own vehicle, we set off along the towpath with Dot and eventually Gordon for another expectedly entertainingly pleasant Friday afternoon/evening.

What transpired was one of the funniest days we have had yet anywhere anytime.

A bit of time was spent discussing Roly’s penchant for ‘glace cherries’ – it seems that he adores them and Bev confirmed that with a rapid change of facial colour from a healthy pink glow to a scarlet red accompanied by the laughter – this rapid change of facial colour happened a few more times throughout the session.

Dot quickly got herself entwined into a discussion about the relative merits of cut-off very short shorts and the much longer versions. It revolved around exactly how revealing the shorter version could actually be.

Along the way it seems that Dot and Diane had once again drunk the bar dry of the Black Beer and Raisins (very alcoholic) wine – and it was starting to show.

Andy was considering the “reverse alliterative” words that could be used as a tattoo.

Paul had already given us the “WOW” factor although that required specific placement – Andy managed to come up with “HH” – it again needed special consideration as Hammersmith is somewhat lengthy and may not suit everyone.

We seemed to return to the fruit theme and Diane proceeded to show everyone the special way that she seems to eat a banana – she did explain that she didn’t like them as soft as the specimen that she had before her – a picture of this can be viewed at

During all of this Sue had remained unusually quiet, but did pop up now and then with a quip or two – her early morning start obviously contributed to it but she had kindly given Elli and Mick a lift to Stafford station for their holiday to mainland Europe. She had Bombo in her arms and it may have been his snoring that had an effect.

Thankfully we were able to get a lift back with Paul and Elaine – Diane was pointing out the meritorious driving abilities of others – it seems a lot of them worked in the banking industry.

Once back aboard it was a matter of hydration initially, then feeding her before finally sending her off to bed for some much needed sleep - everything would hopefully be OK in the morning.

Note to self – make sure that the Panadol is handy for her!!

PS - this has been approved and authorised by the management.

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