Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Elaine week

Tuesday 28th January to Wednesday 5th February 2014

Now let’s see what we have been up to this week – “not really that much” would be the first thing that springs to mind, but you sit down and think about it for a bit and you find that you have been fairly busy - nothing new there.

We did hire a car this past week and as is the case we do so because we have a few things to do about the same time and we then set about finding other things that we can do whilst we are more mobile.

Well anyway the first thing that we did – without a moment’s hesitation – we were off to Manchester to visit Elaine after her operation. Paul gave us the good oil on where to park and how to find her and that we did – I could be corrected at some time but I am pretty well certain that we are yet to see Elaine without that lovely smile – and we were not disappointed.

She was up and about (certainly a bit gingerly, but walking well); in good spirits and as wonderful as ever. The time flew by and she certainly needed a bit of a rest before the evening session, but we were really glad that we made the trip.

Friday was an early start -7am – off to Watford for a doctor’s appointment for Diane, which went as expected.

We had a chance to stay overnight with Maggie and Paddy whom we love to see and it should be more often.

Saturday was a journey back up the M1/M6 just in case Elaine was back – Diane was resuming her nursing days by performing the pin-cushion duties on Elaine when she was back. We were only out by a day –Sunday and she was home.

Arrangements had been made with Dot and Gordon for Sunday lunch out at The Stag’s Leap in Rugeley where they cook the chickens on a rotisserie – 3 enjoyed it – the vegetarian lasagne was also very nice.

Monday was return the car day, but not before some last minute shopping – it was less than usual as the new budget on spending came into effect on the1st.

After returning the car, Diane attended to Elaine and I checked in with Roly and Bev about their batteries and suddenly it was afternoon tea time.

Despite the drab and cold conditions there were still 16 people there – we must enjoy each others company.

Tuesday drifted by – we did get a couple of freeloaders wandering in – Elaine for her jab and Paul desperately searching for a couple of stray TimTams to have with a cup of tea – we will need to see the marina management to get that gate fixed so that we don’t get these drifters again.

And then we come to today – a long walk to get Diane’s Womens Weekly and then a bit of rain in the face coming back –quickly making it aboard to a cosy well-heated boat – definitely not moving for the rest of the day.

And lastly but by no means least


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