Monday, 21 April 2014

Season Over for Diane

Sunday 20th April 2014

Wow, where did that half-decent weather disappear to - for a week it has been pretty good and today we wake up to cloud and a bit of rain.

It did however mean that it made it a easy going morning and a bit more relaxed.

In deference to the weather that we could see outside we carefully consulted the weather app on the phone and the BBC - we estimated that there was a period between 9:30 and 12:00 that we could travel in the dry.

Lo and behold, 9:25 and the rain stops - if only the wind was of a like mind with us and wishing it could drop down a bit.

Off we went and the captain decided that she would take the boat through the tunnel on her own - and naturally she came through with flying colours - the boat and I made it as well.

The name says it all

Into the tunnel...

...well into the tunnel...

Is there nothing that this woman cannot do?

What she won't be doing again for a while is much in the way of walking, nor will she be playing for the rest of the season - her usual spot in the middle of the front row will be handed to the reserve.

She has somehow injured her knee which is limiting her movement and so we shall be keeping her as still as possible - not likely that we can keep her quiet.

Today's schedule was making for Market Bosworth and Sunday roast - by the way we are already a day ahead of the original schedule.

On Saturday when we came up to Snarestone we were caught up behind a particularly slow moving hire boat - to be commended in their caution and care - when we approached carefully from behind they moved over and we passed by them slowly.

Today we were again behind the same boat - this time we caught up with just before Bridge 53 and with moored boats for the next half mile it was a case of tickover followed by out-of-gear, but again to their credit when there was an opportunity they again allowed us to pass.

Slow boater some would say - he was careful as well
Not all hire boaters are fast and there are some who are cautious and proceed within their abilities and understand what to do.

The "Do Little Bros. and Co" - seems like they did little with the van
Something else that I neglected to mention from Saturday was that we passed nb Chyandour - they heading south, us heading north - today we passed them again - directions obviously reversed. We will moor near to each other soon enough.

This one is for Mitch - a turtle tiller pin - Diane needed to spend
some money
The moorings at Market Bosworth, although somewhat reduced due to the entrance to the new marina reducing some of the space, were somewhat empty - just a couple of boats there, so no problems getting.

The new marina at Market Bosworth

For Paul - railway line for the Battlefields railway and some
miscellaneous railstock
Despite her knee, Diane is not likely to miss the chance of a Sunday roast and so the 3/4 mile up the hill into MB was an ordeal endured with an end purpose.

Creative sculpture - a pair of giraffes in the front yard

Always love a catchy name - this one "The Batter of Bosworth"
encompasses the smart thought process
The return trip - downhill - was slightly more bearable but the lounge chair at the end of it was the goal.

She will recover; she will be walking again soon; but in the meantime I will be trying to get her to rest as much as possible - something tells me snowballs in the desert have more chance.

6 Miles, 1 Tunnel

Totals: 2322 Miles, 1682  Locks, 77 Tunnels, 32 Lift Bridges, 146 Swing Bridges

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