Sunday, 6 April 2014

Who says a woman can't do it all?

Saturday 5th April 2014

D-day had arrived - the day when the outcome would be decided.

But first there was the little matter of Stone Farmers Market and changing some things over at Midland Chandlers.

Roly, as ever, offered to drive down to Penkridge so that I could change a few things over, whilst he was looking around at a couple more items - we headed off at 9am and were back an hour later - thanks Roly.

In the meantime there was a market to be descended upon, which was left in Diane's more than capable hands and by 11 we were just about ready to leave Stone for the last time (at least for a few years anyway).

Market Day and the crowd abounds
We sympathised with poor Bev who has been and still was suffering from a bad case of the flu, but getting better; bid our farewells (until tomorrow when we see them again) and headed off.

Elaine was also not well, so we locked Paul through Aston Lock, who picked up a hitchhiker - a guy who needed to get past Fred (the swan - protecting the nest).

We followed through and then approached Sandon Lock - I got off early in order to chronicle the events.

Diane had agreed to single hand through Sandon Lock and I would buy here an eye-pad (err I mean iPad).

The easy stuff - just cruising at this stage

Mooring is not the strong point, but she does it easy here

Then she has to move the boat down closer - someone has
left their b____y big boat in the way - oops it's Caxton

Big boat gone - onto the lock bollards - for boats using the lock

The determined look - "Let's get this lock done!"
I don't think that there was any doubt from me that she could do it - I knew that she had all of the skills - she just needed the confidence to do it - and did it she did.

Set the lock

Open the top gate

Bring the boat in carefully

Step off - centre line in hand

Readying to tie up

Close the top gate

Open the bottom gate paddles...

... both sides

Open the bottom gate

...both sides

Opt to pull the boat out of the lock


...coming out slowly...

...close the gates
I am always proud of my wife with everything that she does and especially so when she raised her arms triumphantly at the exit to the lock - Well done my lovely!

"I did it"
We continued down to Tixall Wide with Paul and Elaine leading; a bit of rubbish around the prop after Weston Lock stopped us for a few minutes, but after rounding the junction we were soon moored up at the Wide.

The obligatory visit to The Clifford Arms for just a couple of drinks, then back to the boat for a healthy dinner (that's not in her vocabulary) and very soon she was off to bed and sound asleep very quickly.

She had had a big day and she knew that she certainly could do it all.

10 Miles, 4 Locks  – for today

Totals: 2237 Miles, 1664  Locks, 74 Tunnels, 32 Lift Bridges, 145 Swing Bridges


  1. Well done Diane, I am so impressed!

  2. Well done Diane! Girl power !!!

  3. Ray there are several variations of the ixxx theme and with a bit of thought you could have saved a bit of cash. There is is the iMac, iPad, iPod and last but not least the iRon. I bought Lesley an iRon and she was so pleased and excited she unintentionally hit me with it. Joe

    1. That goes with the new toilet (iPee) and the new house (iGloo)

  4. Yep women on the helm rules! There are not many of us gal! Join the gang! :)

    1. Thankyou, I already enjoy steering now will have to master mooring between boats. But quite chuffed that I could put it altogether for single handed locking. I am surprised more women are not tiller girls.

  5. Dianne-well done fantastic!! Please do not tell the world (in particular Lynda) how easy it actually is!!

    1. Thanks Richard - the process is easy but still hard work - you should encourage Lynda to give it go and make it easier for yourself.