Friday, 15 August 2014

Help - We're being stalked!!

Monday 11th August to Thursday 14th August 2014

When I was much younger than I am now - yes, I know, just a few weeks ago - but really it was a bit longer than that, the summer seemed for be such a consistent mix of sunshine and rain that the joke at the time was-

"What follows 2 days of rain?"

answer - Monday

The outlook this last Monday reminded me of that - after bad weather on Sunday morning, the sight of a sunny sky was most welcome.

We untied and cruised just across to the other side of the canal to Bridgewater Marina - for diesel and a new gas cylinder - Mark was really great at helping us get tied up in the wind and very good having us away in quick-smart time.

We headed off and seemingly no sooner had we started than we were stopped and tied up again - this time at Worsley, where we took on clean water and disposed of the not so clean contents.
The sun did remain out for us and in an even shorter time after leaving Worsley, we stopped again - what for this time - it was time for the hobbit's second breakfast and we moored up Perrin Lane to visit Dave and his Butty Wagon - the two girls had bacon and egg baps.
The wind had stayed around and this time it was tying up on my own - those two were off as soon as the boat was close enough.

With munching going on in both ears, I untied and whilst we went a little further this tine, it was not much further - we eventually moored up at The Trafford Centre.

Not long after mooring up, a hire boat was heading as though they were going to moor up behind,but alas it was for the steerer to introduce himself tous and he was a blog reader and had seen me on the boat in Birmingham in 2010 - not long after we had bought her.
Like Dot and Derek before us, he was a New Zealander by the name of  Don McKloskry (hope that the spelling is correct).

Whilst I worked a bit, I was left alone as they ventured off into the shopping centre - peace and quiet at last.

The following morning we headed into Manchester, passing Old Trafford and down into Castlefields - we stopped at the services to for the same as at Worsley and then to moor up - we could see the water pouring over the top of the bottom lock gates at Lock 92 - mmmm, a bit of water coming down the Rochdale then!

Surprisingly, there were an ample number of spaces available - not the norm for here, but a pleasant surprise.

With a limited amount of time in Manchester for Brenda we weren't about to waste too much of it, and so we headed out to MediaCity on the tram - it gives good views about the ship canal and along past the old and now renovated docks.

A bit of a tour around the area and through the shopping area there as well as the morning's cruising had built up a healthy appetite which needed some satisfying.

Afterwards we headed back to the boat and ventured up to Dukes 92 for a drink and have a look at any boats who might attempt to get down through the lock - the overflowing water did make it extremely difficult.
We watched and made mental notes of what they did - no out-loud comments to them - just sit, watch, and learn.

The following day was a bit of more shopping and discovering the centre of Manchester, via the free bus system; a visit to the John Rylands Library; and in the name of economic equality, we visited The Wharf for another drink - it simply was necessary to balance things between the pubs - How many pubs in Manchester and how many days have we left? - maybe a bit of an imbalance there.

Not long after returning, there was a face peering in the window and for me I have a bit of difficulty recognising people out of the original context in which I first saw them - but with anyone peering in, I am OK with popping out to have a chat - in this case it was indeed the same kiwi, Don, whom we had seen just a few days before at The Trafford Centre moorings - are we being stalked.
Anyway, chat time and we had a nice long one, during which time Don's mother Joy came out too to join us - whilst I could not disclose a lady's age, I can say that she is about 5 years older than my own dear MIL.
Joy was having a wonderful time and seemed from her own actions and those described by Don, a very active and energetic on boarder.
Have a great time for the rest of the trip and look forward to seeing you next time you make it over here.

For Brenda's last full day with us we had decided to head off to Chester - a favourite for us and with many things that we would consider of importance for a first-time visitor.

But  firstly it was time to say goodbye to Don and Joy as they headed off and, of course, the obligatory early photo -
Don and Joy - till next we meet again

Diane had consulted the train timetables, and we headed up to Deansgate station and in a whisker under 2 hours we were in Chester -allowing for change of trains and stops at every small point along the way - but we made it - including enjoyment the views of the countryside
A cab ride to Eastgate, gave Brenda another experience she had been wishing for.

The usual walking along The Rows and The Wall as well as photographing every half-timbered building along the way.
Chester is one place, amongst others, where there is a good feel and understanding of the way the city would have looked hundreds of years ago and makes a perfect tourist point.

yet another Bridge of Sighs that we have found.
as with others it was a prisoners last walk from gaol to beyond.

for rent - loft apartments - going cheep!

Brenda and the Town Crier 

The trip back was slightly less enthralling or it may very well have been the long day that invoked the droopy eyelids for one in the party.

We all felt a bit exhausted by the time that we had made it back on board!

9 Miles

Totals: 2782 Miles, 2058 Locks, 94 Tunnels, 34 Lift Bridges, 151 Swing Bridges

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  1. We had a very busy day after leaving Castlefield passing through the Rochdale 9 and the Aston 18. Always good to meet up with those I have read so much about.

    Don McCoskrie