Saturday, 16 August 2014

Just by Chance

Friday 15th August 2014

The morning ritual on Ferndale revolves primarily around two activities - the predominant ritual at any rate - one of us stays in bed to drink coffee and read the blogs whilst the other gets up out of bed - to make the coffee and cater to all of her whims - oh and do some work.

When I say she reads all of the blogs, she does take it as a heavy responsibility to see what all of the boaters are doing and where they might be.

This very morning as the second cup was produced, I was informed by "she" that she thought that we might meet up with nb Chance in a day or so, as Doug and James were in Lymm.
That would be very nice indeed as we had not met them yet but had heard only good stories about them.

This morning was Brenda's last with us and as with any time that comes to an end there is a certain sadness about having to change away from what we had by now become accustomed.
The two of us had become the three of us and now it would change.

As it was an early afternoon flight we had determined that a 10 am departure would be about right.
It seems the usual thing that happens for us - we get ready way too early - and so at not much after 9 am, we were able to venture outside to have a last walk around together - this time in some bright sunshine, something of which there had been a diminished amount during the last 2 weeks.
But warm it was.

Brenda and I walked a bit around closer to the junction, looking at boats and a couple moving, when suddenly I noticed a name that readily recognisable - from Lymm to Castlefields before 10 am - the boys on Chance had not wasted any time about getting here.

Diane was already there to greet them and take Doug away from the mooring up process - leaving all for James to do; but Diane did go and hold the centre line.

We chatted away for about 10 minutes before we needed to think about getting to the airport.
So a goodbye to them both and we were off to Deansgate station.
Just a little time before the train

The fast train through to the airport was absolutely full but fortunately almost everyone evacuated either at Oxford Road or Manchester Picadilly.

Straight from the station through to check-in, but a change of seating was of concern to Brenda as Anne and Julie whom she would meet up with in Dubai were on the other side of the plane.
Hopefully after seeing the customer service desk this will be fixed in Dubai.

We said our goodbyes and closely watched as she headed through to Passport Control and after that it was left for us to head of as well.
any liquids to declare?

We had some shopping to do in Manchester then lunch and finally back to the boat absolutely exhausted as we in effect walked all of the way back from the Arndale Centre.

We had recovered enough later on to head over to The Wharf, briefly chatting with James as we passed by - we will catch them both again when we finally make it down to London, but for now it was a pleasure to meet you both.
We'll meet again...

The boat seemed a bit empty now that we were back to just the two of us, but we are now into preparing ourselves to go home as well and that will be in such a short time.

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  1. Thanks guys, great to finally meet you both, hope it can be for a drink next time! See you in London when you return x

    1. we will be looking forward to it - not enough time in Manchester, but we will be heading to London soon enough
      diane and ray