Tuesday, 16 May 2017

A bit of a look around

Monday 8th May 2017

Our mooring point – just outside the basin, might at first appearance be thought of as one not too likely – road bridge over the canal not too far back; general appearance of the area being a bit rundown; no security on the mooring; but I can assure you that it was as peaceful and quiet as any that we have had on the entire system.
So it all meant that when we awoke on Monday morning we were a little stiff and sore from the lock exertion but otherwise quite refreshed.

After getting through a fair bit of work and making Diane her morning coffee, we set out to do our exploring.
Yesterday’s planning did a load of good – we knew exactly where we had to go – coffee and the TIC – where we found some tourist maps of historical significance and it allowed us to do what we normally do.

Along the way we found ourselves at the Moor Markets where Diane was able to get a couple of pairs of boots repaired and we purchased some very good looking locally made pies and other bits and pieces.
The big kid in her comes out again, but it is also a
copy of the nearby statue..

...see just about the same

A tribute to the energy and work put into the efforts during both
World Wars by the women of Sheffield

I am almost certain that I have mentioned before that we find one of the best sources of information about the history of any village, town or city, is the main church.
Sheffield Cathedral was that source – there was a fair amount of the important parts of the city’s history; the architecture was lovely and well worth a visit.

Lighting candles again - for both her mum and dad and also for Lauren -
I shall need to increase her budget for candles

We also paid a visit to the Town Hall – usually it is to get a look at the foyer – if you have ever looked in the local town hall, you will find that there has been a bit of expense on the reception area / foyer – it gives the first impression.
We were not disappointed with the Sheffield Town Hall, but also there was a display of some of the silver work that had been created in the city of the last 200 years – again another surprise.

A dedication to the lives lost when HMS Sheffield was
sunk during the Falklands War

After some lunch, we managed to get a bit more shopping in and on the way back to the boat we found a quick way to the railway station (for tomorrow’s adventure).

Having been here before we perhaps did not need to see as much as we would normally – we had a feel for the city (again).
There is a feel about Sheffield which reminds us very much of Melbourne – and that is the tram network – people not used to them being around can be apprehensive, but we find them quite re-assuring; also we found that there were areas where pedestrians had a great deal of access to tramway areas without the usual health and safety rubbish that goes on in this country. It also meant a lack of car access.

So, it was back to the boat for a cuppa; I had work to finish; Diane had feet to rest.

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