Thursday, 18 May 2017

Farewell to Sheffield

Wednesday 10th May 2017

Although we had not been here for such a long time, it was about right for us to leave.

We had rung through to CaRT the previous day to make the booking and so we were up a bit early to get to the top lock before 9:30 – actually we got there about 8:15 and the lock-keeper was just preparing the locks.
He advised that there would be a wide-beam following us down and if we were ready in about 30 minutes we could start our way down and he would catch us up.
Breakfast time then and after we were finished it was time to move off – it is always nice to be cruising with the sun around and today looked like being a lovely day.

We worked our way down, pretty much the same as we had done on Sunday when we came up.

We saw more of the lock-keepers (yes plural) than we expected – they were all very good – looking after us and the wide-beam coming down after us and also keeping a check on the single-hander coming up from Holmes Lock – a busy day compared to Sunday – but Nigel (who was on again) said it was about average – even all the way through summer.

He reminisced about the time a few years ago when the basin was first re-opened and there was a boat festival in Sheffield – apparently the two mile stretch between the top lock and the basin was so full of boats that it was practically two-up breasted on one side and one on the other, with just enough space for a single boat through the centre (obviously before the prevalence of wide-beams).

We made it down the Tinsley flight and then through Jordan and Holmes locks to complete the escorted section – in just over 2 hours – we simply then had to just move a little further through Rotherham and past the oil works (where the Exol Pride visits) and we moored up in a little place called Kilnhurst.
When we had passed it going towards Sheffield we thought the moorings looked alright – so why not try them.
There is nothing in Kilnhurst to make you need to stop, but the moorings were quiet and peaceful and conveniently located after the trip down.

Bright sunshine, quiet mooring spot

11 Miles, 18 Locks, 2 Swing Bridges
YTD:  380 miles (612 km), 208 Locks, 15 Tunnels, 5 Lift Bridges, 15 Swing Bridges
Total: 5012 Miles (8066 km), 3359 Locks, 139 Tunnels, 71 Lift Bridges, 187 Swing Bridges

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