Friday, 21 December 2012

Let it Rain, Let it Rain, Let it Rain

Wednesday 19th December to Thursday 20th December 2012

It’s easy to see that we are nearing the shortest day of the year – the sun has barely risen by 8:30 am (even Diane is up before it now) and the afternoon is rapidly darkening at 4:15 pm.

But the “bright” spot about all of this is that when we reach the weekend we will know that we are heading back into summer – I know that the good weather is still a fair way away; and we have January and February to get through – there will be snow in there somewhere, but it’s worth looking at the positive of reaching this time of the year – oh yes, there is also a fat red fellow due to pay a visit and eat your mince pies and drink your beer and you will have reindeer crap to clean up in the morning – but let’s be looking forward.

These two days have really produced nothing at all except for rain – most of it being in the darker hours and it is nice to hear the rain on the roof as you drop off to sleep at 5pm and equally enjoyable in the morning when you get a dig in the ribs to stop snoring.

Whilst the rain has nearly been incessant, and in deference to the other parts of the country which are experiencing such terrible flooding, it has however allowed some time and opportunity to get a few of the small jobs that we had been planning (read that as what Diane has been planning for me to do) – but they did get done – the pantry now doesn’t open fully when the boat leans to one side and we have a some hanging rails from the dinette area to the end of the back cabin.

These are the same as the ones that Mick has put up in nb Parisien Star and we thank him for the idea and the help as well with these.

Slowly but surely one thing after another gets completed and we can gently and quietly cross things off the list of things that are maintained by the management.

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