Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Monday 3rd December 2012

Everyday we create memories, sometimes we just do not realise it, but in days, months even years to come we will think back to what we did or who we were with and a smile may elicit from our face; maybe even a chuckle about what happened or what was said; sometimes it may not be something we want to think about any more.

Life aboard is just one long reality series of events that occur for no apparent reason until we look back on them.

I am sure that we will get a few good memories from the Monday afternoon coffee get-togethers that are now happening.

Of course we cannot discuss what Carol gets up to with her knickers; or just how Andy ended up with an orange car; or Jim’s love of chocolate; or Elly’s love of trains in England – but it was a lovely afternoon, which if not for the fading light (after 4:30pm) may very well have continued for a bit longer.

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