Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Peace, quiet and a sinking!!

Sunday 9th December to Wednesday 12th December 2012

We had two glorious days on Sunday and Monday even though the air was still very cold, but the sun was out and when it caught you without the wind it did feel quite warm – but it was a case of just a little and nowhere enough.

A glorious Sunday - perfect for ballooning

We did spend Sunday in and out of the boat – getting rid of some more of the left over wood from the kitchen and Diane doing some more reorganisation of things and giving it all a good vacuum.

I did also bake some brownies from a family recipe – this was for the Monday coffee get together. They didn’t taste too bad at all.

Monday was a relatively peaceful day – and I say that in the nicest way – at 9:20 Diane and Elly were off to the bus-stop on their way into Birmingham for the German Xmas markets and to have a bit of a look around – so there was less general noise and chatter, it was more peaceful (probably no way I will extricate myself from what I have said versus want I really meant – a whack around the ears coming !!)
Elly and the German markets in Birmingham - their 21st year
this year

Birmingham town hall - and a clear blue sky

The junction in Birmingham - just up from Gas Street Basin

The NIA is just on the right hand side (out of shot) and the
New Main Line is ahead
As usual there was a convergence on the cedar huts around 3pm with a couple of newcomers – Dot and Gordon (boat name to come) – and an abundance of food to go with it all.

As has been the case we had a real good laugh at a variety of things – Mick was please to have his Eberspacher heater back – it really has been a bit of a saga, but fortunately he and Elly will be a bit warmer from now on.

Elly and Diane made an appearance about 4:30 after texting to us that they were on their way, so upon their entrance there was a great chatter that descending upon us all and with the darkness a few got out their torches for some light – Diane needing to wind hers up to give some charge for the light – it was purely coincidental she told me, that whenever she was winding the torch she couldn’t manage to talk as well – mmm should I buy her a few of these at xmas time – the ones that need constant winding – maybe a bit quieter (that whack is coming closer!!)

Elaine and Carol

Dot, Joan and Mick

Elly, Barry and Jim

Gill, Ray and Gordon

Maybe it will be a good diversion to remind her that Elly’s remark to her was (and I quote) “Diane, you are not normal” .

Tuesday was dull and overcast on the weather front and not any brighter elsewhere as Diane was off to Watford for her annual check-up – so another 2 days of just me and the dog. Andy and Jean were kind enough to offer her a lift into Stone – in their brand new car – just delivered that morning – the back seat and floor will need some cleaning now.

The ice/frost is building up on the towpath as is the ice on the canal
I settled in to get some work done and barely noticed the day go before it was getting dark – I had taken the dog out for a walk during the day – and it was on the evening walk that the monotony of the day was broken.

Coming back toward the outdoor eating area, I could hear some cracking of ice – I initially thought it was the swans breaking through the ice for whatever reason, but as I got nearer to the trip boat it was getting louder and then I noticed that one of the day boats was on its side and half submerged – it seemed to be going down – I could hear the music to “My Heart Will Go On” in the background.

Into the bistro to report it – everyone was then outside seeing the happening and phones out trying to contact people to let them know.

I left them with it but about 20 minutes later there were people on the jetty stabilising the boat and I noticed this morning that the boat had been refloated and was tied up completely intact.

it is just possible to make out the canopy of the day boat

and here the registration plate is just visible

the cold daylight and she is upright and drier inside than last night

a little bit of weed just visible and some of the ice from last night

There was some tell-tale weed in places and some ice – all inside the boat, but all seemed OK.

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