Friday, 1 March 2013

The last throes of marina life

Wednesday 20th February to Thursday 28th February 2013

What have we been up to this last week? What haven’t we been up to.

Let’s just summarise all of this

      ·         Been to Stoke for a 60th anniversary performance of Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap –
             went along with Dot, Elaine, Gordon and Paul; bussed our way there via Newcastle
             (under Lyme);

·        After the theatre we were back to Stone for a Pie night at The Three Crowns – this was pre-booked and we were joined by Joan, Jim, Rolly and Rob – we sort of helped to deplete the cellar of a red wine

·         Managed to complete the kitchen floor – finally, and happy to say that it looks pretty good
The new floor - finally finished

·         Laid some new carpet under the dinette table – many thanks to Joan and Jim for the roll of carpet after they had their boat redone.
And the new carpet

·         Sorted out wheels for the Shroppie when we visit there in a few weeks – they will float on the surface and keep us clear of the shelf.

·         We have sorted out the cupboard below the TV – finally after 2 years – no need to rush these things – cleared up the different cords for TV and radio and created more space; as well as vacuum packed the linen and towels down to almost nothing.

·         Off into Stafford to pick up more things from B&Q and supermarkets – obviously to fill up into the empty space that we have created.
·       There was the usual Monday gathering - the talk was definitey about cruising, moving and summer.

Paul and Elaine - ready for the move

Comrade Paul

·         Managed to order the new Perspex and magnets for the new improved double glazing that many here have installed and extolling the virtues

·         Once it had arrived there was the inevitable pressure (sorry that should be gentle coercive persuasion) to put up one of these which was relatively easy and seems to be working quite well (after a few hours as I write)

·         There was a repeat gathering at The Three Crowns for their Wednesday pie night – this time 14 of us – the new comers were Bev, Barb, Phil and Sally. Once again we have lightened the red wine stocks.
It's pie night - Elaine, Joan and Jim

And red wine all around - Dot, Gordon (obscured), Paul and Elaine

We have been quite busy.

Gentlemen (and gentlewomen) - start your engines
and clear your way through the fog

Meanwhile the weather has been slowly improving; whilst it has been quite cold in the mornings, we have been getting a dose of what we would all like it to be soon – the sun has been poking it’s way through the clouds.

It is just so invigorating to have the sun on your back.

We are looking forward to our impending trip away and once back it will be just a few days before we are off cruising now that the CaRT maintenance is nearing it’s end.

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