Tuesday, 7 January 2014

A New Year? What was wrong with the old one?

Saturday 28th December 2013 to Monday 6th January 2014

With Xmas being over I at least had a chance to see a few people that I had been meaning to get to.

First on the list were Bruce and Robert – we have now known them for just on 8 years.

They don’t seem to have altered too much at all – Bruce has lost a bit of weight and Robert has made a concerted effort to give up smoking – and all encouragement to him.

Bruce on the left and Robert on the right
NewYear’s Eve and New Year’s Day both came and went without any interference from me – for yet another year – in bed before 10pm and up by 6am – not what you would call a party animal.

The weather has not really set any records so far this summer – so few hot days in fact, that I wish now that I had packed another jumper.

I have however managed to find a few more hidden facts about the house-keeping skills of the favourite son – but I will see what answers come forth when I discuss it with him when he is back next week.

Still managing to clear more stuff that has simply been left here by people who have stayed in the house over the last 6 months – might be issuing a black list of people not staying again.

I found this old photo of Banjo when he was just 9-10weeks old.
Wasn't he cute then - gee how things change!

When I was in England we would watch the BBC news most nights and I have remained constantly surprised/annoyed at how few stories (and none of them from overseas) that they actually get through for what is effectively a 1 hour news service; so I decided that I would just check on what we get – Channel 9 do a 1 hour service which includes ads and not including the weather report, I counted 42 separate stories – local, national and international – there was none of this getting opinions on one story from 10 different people – it was straight reporting of the facts. You have to bear in mind that there were including in those 42 items, 5 sports stories which took all of 6 minutes – given the nature of one of the sports items it was incisive and to the point.

Not a word Reggie - as they say a picture is worth a 1000 of them!

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